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Today we will cover what it takes to be a successful marketing manager, what are their job duties, responsibilities and the skills that should be listed in a marketing manager job description. We will also explore the professional traits required for a successful marketing manager.

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Explore 40+ marketing manager jobs description

  • You’re a HR Manager or recruiter who wants to hire a top marketing talent
  • You are job seeker and hunting for ATS keywords
  • What is the difference between marketing and sales?
  • What is inbound and outbound marketing?
  • Marketing manager qualifications
  • What is word of mouth?

What does a marketing manager do?

The answer to this question is best provided by taking a look at real job market data from marketing jobs around the world, which you can find a few scroll below! But we will still summarize the hell out of them!

A company without marketing department is like Usain Bolt without two legs, that finish line now seem to be running away, doesn’t it? The functions of marketing manager essentially focuses on 2 core areas of expertise: acquire leads/customers and grow market share, but these two expands into many other marketing functions as provided below. But if we are to look through a lens into these below functions, you will find plenty of other roles that a marketing manager has to perform, which is what we are essentially here to talk about today. A comprehensive list of marketing manager duties one can expect in a job and the kind of technical expertise one should carry.

  • Reputation management
  • Develop and deploy marketing plans
  • Measure and improve brand awareness and loyalty
  • Product pricing and placement
  • Competition and market analysis
  • Online traffic generation and funnel development
  • Measure analytics and conversions to optimize ROAS
  • Develop new customer acquisition channels
  • Establish sales target and measure KPI’s of sales team

How to use this Marketing Manager Job Description Template

This guide is essentially prepared to help both employers and job seekers alike, with very different needs but both are after the same thing, how is it possible, you ask? Well, it’s like someone wanting water to drink, and some other wanting water to wash their clothes, very different needs but both after the same thing. We have simplified this guide for both users with clear instructions laid out! 

You’re a HR Manager or recruiter who wants to hire a top marketing talent

You’re here either as an employer who wants to post a marketing manager job, but firing blank on where to begin because your mind’s fried like a Kentucky Fried Chicken, in a Tuesday full of truckload of tasks still waiting to be checked off your list! We’ve come with a pea sized panacea of sort to check one off your list! Make sure the job description covers all these points.

  • A concise picture of your company’s culture and company’s mission statement is provided at the top.
  • Make sure the marketing job description is value focused and get razor sharp bulletized points.
  • Focus on the granular job responsibilities which will achieve the marketing goals for your firm.
  • Offer applicants a bird’s eye view of managerial/marketing/technical expertise that are required, to deliver long term targets.
  • Career progression is available to attract top talents.
  • Offer perks and performance bonuses are available if targets are met.
  • Its’ ideal to pitch into a model marketing guy, list out their traits.

You are job seeker and hunting for ATS keywords

Perhaps you’re here as a job seeker, who wants fresh ideas and set out on a treasure hunt to find rich keywords. The main objective of this topic will also help you ready your marketing resume to write with ATS optimized keywords. But you should never subsidize your own research, this is merely to give you a glimpse of the duties and responsibilities for a typical marketing manager, when seen up close at a real-world marketing manager job description. We can confidently state, all marketing jobs would cover at least 85% of the below bullet points, written every so differently to capture the role of marketing manager.

When you are writing a resume, you must analyze the actual job you’re applying to, to find important keywords which should then be employed in your resume.

Also, if you’re looking to write a marketing resume, we have a super handy guide ready for you just in case!

If you’re looking to find out how to write ATS friendly resume, or how to find those important keywords, you can hop over here.


A marketing manager job is very dynamic, and they often perform on high pressure targets, hence this is one of those job that comes with big pay-day with plus-sized perks and bonuses. More about marketing pay and perks can be found here.  A comprehensive list of roles and responsibilities of marketing manager are provided below.

  • Bring successful strategic solutions to design and deploy marketing plans for a brand with diverse portfolio, spanning various industries and geographical markets.
  • Bring proven marketing strategies to develop multi-channel and multi-market campaigns with comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing.
  • Experience in generating leads and audience acquisition to meet growth deliverables and business KPI’s.
  • Demonstrated ability to generate strong brand equity and achieve product targets.
  • Highly engaging, persuasive, and thoroughly researched presentation skills.
  • Equipped to supervise large, diverse workload and effectively manage communications with diverse stakeholders.
  • Passionate about working with USA media brands and industry, with a thorough knowledge of it.
  • Knowledge on marketing and CRM applications such as MailChimp, SalesForce and HubSpot, is highly regarded.
  • Develop marketing material for the yearly membership prospectus.
  • Oversee all social media platforms and create interesting content for community and customers.
  • Find out interesting new prospects to expedite the promotion and advancement of the sector and improve on it.
  • For the quarterly member newsletters, you will need to organize content, arrange graphics and publicity.
  • Create and send member email newsletters every two weeks.
  • Upkeep of Website, keeping it well-run and producing various kinds of content for website articles.
  • Develop a strategy to enable us to own our category.
  • Design and assign marketing plans for all junior associates that include PR, digital, content and brand advertisings.
  • Make sure all teams carry a unified tone, their view of the brand is on the same level, and they have a similar tone.
  • Create and assign marketing plans for the respective quarters for the marketing department.
  • Assign, observe and prepare a statement of KPI deliverables, measure goals of the marketing team against KPI benchmark.
  • Design branding, product positioning strategies.
  • Marketing initiatives must maintain strong brand message that is consistent across offline and online channels.
  • Identify key customer demographics and their consumption behavior using analytics.
  • Generate market growth by identifying ways to access new market.
  • Create quarterly and yearly recruitment proposals, while overseeing the employment and onboarding procedure of new members of the team.
  • Keep track of competition by staying abreast of acquisitions, pricing strategies, product features and new product line-ups.
  • Coordinate sales and marketing activities and be accountable for the conversion cycle’s performance.
  • Participate in the quarterly and annual marketing plans and other company objectives.
  • Find and liaise with contractors and partners when needed.
  • Perform weekly team and accountability meetings.
  • Facilitate team training and skill building.
  • Improve marketing policies and process.
  • Maintain and monitor marketing budget.
  • Conflict resolution within teams.
  • Training and guiding team members.
  • Understanding that aiming to be the leader is the strategy, and to achieve that, will put plan in place to create central strategy for all marketing teams to direct their efforts in digital, content production, PR and across every consumer channels under the sun.
  • You will ensure our message, tone of voice, and brand alignment is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts.
  • You will be in charge of all matters relevant to Skylar’s marketing, from supervision, heading and creating sales teams, to facilitate newer initiatives for process improvement.
  • You will dedicate yourself to develop innovative marketing ideas.
  • Must be a strategic thinker, and engage in quarterly strategic review with the directors. You are to carry on those agreed plans and execute with high degree of accuracy.
  • Bring proven track record of scaling the performance of your teams.

Your professional persona or traits must align with the marketing job and its role

You’re probably wondering at this point, how do you turn into the Elon Musk of Marketing, what is the model marketing guy or girl should be like? Well, we suppose the below bullet points screams for three essential qualities, let’s call it the trinity of marketing: highly spirited, ever curious and growth hungry at all times.

  • Create a learning culture that enables an explosive growth of our firm. While ensuring both short and long terms goals are met.
  • Multiply your curiosity, always innovating new and better ways of putting our business out there, while achieving both business and your professional potential.
  • You must be accountable for your departments performance and be held to the results of the entire units.
  • Promote an inclusive and progressive in the manners you carry yourself and your team.
  • Love to change and challenge the current paradigm.
  • Be fully immersed in all things digital. Make it your oxygen, if you will.
  • Be a truly passionate leader and relish the challenge in managing a diverse team with complex deliverables.
  • Staying at the top of your performance, be relentless to hold yourself to high standards and acknowledge to strive for perfection in your execution.
  • Your will bring energy into the discussion and around you, and not drain the battery out of the rest, be personable, be likable.
  • You will have a high degree of action bias, and will love getting things done, and moving fast.
  • Active pursuit of target, get things done and get it done fast! Carry a high degree of action bias.
  • Stay obsessed with tweaking and twisting until you improve results that can meet KPIs. Always focusing on the basics, measuring what’s important and keeping people accountable at all times for their performance, finding what’s working and what’s not and of course, the why, the why of not working?
  • Love to solve problems, instead of growling about it. Employ and deploy an all-encompassing challenger cracker team, who loves exciting problems.
  • You will have a proven track record of executing effective marketing in a fast growth, bootstrapped, scale up company, and will be just as passionate about Growth Hacking as you are about digital, brand and PR.
  • Be the growth hack guru across digital and analog medias. Be a passionate brand manager when required to supervise brand PR activities to scale up the operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between marketing and sales?

Marketers and sales are two sides of the same coin, these two are a bit like a high performance F1 car and the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton. One can’t work without the other, no matter how good your F1 car is, if your driver is Peter from Family Guy, your multimillion-dollar super car can’t even compete with a scooter.  

Marketing focuses on the grand task and sales focuses on the granular. In other words, Marketing is about being the buzz of the market, moving the product into the attention of audience to mint new customers or make the brand stand stronger among existing customers. Sales on the other hand focuses on actually moving the product from the shelf to the customer basket, or a checkout basket, if its over ecommerce, and hopefully checked-out! No business likes a customer leaving a cart with a basket full of goods. And that again becomes the job of a marketer, asking the big questions, why did they leave that cart, how do we get him/her back? And the sales guys than turns on the machine’s wheel, working on the granular details, A/B testing all the way to Z to capture the ideas coming in from the big guys from the top, the marketers strategizing how to close lost transactions on abandoned baskets! Sales guys often deals with the customers in person or through phone, marketing on the other hand deals with setting up strategy and visions to achieve product or brand’s image and goals.

  • Sales aim for making instant money, marketing aims for making market share.
  • Sales pushes for customers to complete the transaction, marketing focuses on attracting attention towards the product.
  • Sales are relationship driven; marketing is advertisement driven.

What is inbound and outbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is like leaving nectars out there and bees are bound to fly in! For example, by using white papers, or using blogs to target qualified audience from a relevant niche to develop a rich funnel where sales can originate, this often works alongside Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Outbound is those ever-omnipresent gigantic billboards, those multimillion-dollar Pepsi and Coca-Cola ads vying for market share on screens of all sizes you can think of and over airwaves too.

Marketing manager qualifications

Employers often need a minimum qualification for new entrants or young graduates entering marketing profession for the first time. Your qualifications in marketing is cemented if you hold relevant degree. Often holding an advanced of Diploma of Marketing and Communication or a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Majoring in marketing) is sufficient. But if you want to better your edge, you can earn certifications from Google, Facebook, HubSpot etc. which bolsters your online marketing prowess. And they are free, so why not wear this proud badge! You also find ways to further develop your career by taking a short-paid course in Salesforce or other marketing tools! To sum it up:

  • A Bachelor of business degree (with a major in marketing and communications)
  • Earn free digital marketing certificates to add veneer to your resume
  • An advanced diploma in marketing (though most jobs require a Bachelor’s degree)

Also, if you’re just a raw powerhouse of marketing prowess, you don’t even need a degree. There are people out there who has made it to 6-digit salaries, working in sales profession without even holding a Diploma! But they have invested and grew in that profession from an early age, bagging promotions, switching jobs in the right time has given them what most degree alone would fail miserably.

Because in all honesty, the degrees are just a placard telling, I have acquired the skills to be a pilot, but you still need to log 1000 supervised hours under a captain to be called a co-pilot. How intensely you burn your passion decides the climb of your marketing career.

What is word of mouth?

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is the ultimate orgasm for marketers! Excuse our lack of a better word, but this truly hits the spot with the meaning we tried to convey! (OMG, not another one, my keyboard is being cheeky, my apology) Or when a customer falls in love with your product and shares it with everyone they know. It's like having an army behind you clearing competitions, without spending millions signing a deal with Messi. They are essentially free brand ambassadors and the best kind there is!

Normally you’re meant to spend to get your Ad distributed to screens. But occasionally brands give birth to a viral Ad, fires up a storm in social media and in the process WOMM is trigged spreading like wildfire in the highway of internet, setting social media alight with engagements. These two word of mouth marketing examples shows an Ad flexing like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps in his prime!

Not trying to be a sad Sophie! But there’s no shortcut we’re afraid to developing a word of mouth marketing strategy. The process is pretty grueling, you either build a great product backed by a great service or create a catchy Ad that piques and plays with the minds of viewers like a zappy little puppy. And either of that is a very long and trying road!

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Marketing manager jobs description
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