At, your privacy is very important to us. We believe in utmost transparency, so you’re well and truly informed about how we use your personally identifiable information to operate our business and most importantly how we safeguard your information in our operational environment.

Full control over your data

If you complete your purchase as a guest, we use your personal and financial data to the extent that is required to identify you to authenticate the transaction. If you have registered yourself to our website, you can opt to close your account at any time, at which point all your data will be removed from our server.

Cookies and web experience

We use analytics software to provide a personalized web experience for our users and this applies to both registered users and non-registered users. This cookie is stored on your web browser and you can always delete our cookie from your browser at any time you wish from your browser’s privacy settings tab.

We have integrated features to enrich your experience at our site using API’s provided by the social media platforms, for example being able to send or share one of our pages with your Facebook friends right from our website. If you want to control what information about you is shared during those interactions, you have to review the privacy policy of the respective social media account you hold. As they have full control over the flow of data and type of data that is shared.