Genius guide to write a resume profile aka resume summary or profile summary


Today our certified resume writer reveals the proven formula to write an interview winning resume profile! We've prepared 20+ best resume summary examples that will light up all kinds of firework in your mind to find inspiration to write a compelling resume introduction for yourself.

This topic will also let you learn the many names of resume profile and understand the difference between a resume profile and resume objective.

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24 Resume Summary Examples

  • Nurse Resume Summary 
  • Receptionist resume summary
  • Office manager resume summary
  • Sales and marketing manager resume summary
  • Operations manager resume summary
  • Financial analyst resume summary
  • Data scientist resume summary
  • Police officer resume summary
  • Caregiver resume summary
  • Chef resume summary
  • Dental assistant resume summary
  • Housekeeping resume summary
  • Bartender resume summary
  • Software developer resume summary
  • Project manager resume summary
  • Account manager resume summary
  • Product manager resume summary
  • Security officer resume summary
  • Warehouse resume summary
  • Bank Teller Resume summary
  • Customer Service Resume Summary
  • Healthcare Resume Summary 
  • Engineer Resume Summary
  • Data Analyst Resume Summary

Why do we use professional summary in our resume?

Ask yourself if you would take a dress to a trial-room if you don’t like it? So, why should recruiters read the rest of your resume if they’ve lost all interest at the top? Research has shown, employers mind is made about a resume in the first 6 seconds on average, specially what you show in the top 1/3rd of your resume. That’s what you want your resume summary to do, create an impression so impactful, your resume takes up residence in the recruiter’s mind. They are powerless from the hold your resume has over them, they have no choice but to read your entire resume, because only that is how the hold comes off.

Show your skills can translate into results, your past experience can build future success at the company. That’s a dose of dopamine recruiters can’t get enough fix for. You must tailor it towards the company’s needs, it is that polished resume summary statement, pitched with pin point precision to the targeted job that does the trick. You’ve already shown you have the caliber to deliver, now the hiring managers begins to investigate, whether the rest of your resume really holds up to the knockout you’ve delivered right at the top. And as they read the rest of your resume, it only convinces them evermore why you are so suited for the position! In the blink of an eye, 6 seconds turned to 60. As you can realise now, when your resume has a brilliantly pitched resume summary, you can significantly raise your chances at getting called back!

Professional summary for resume and its many names!

It’s good to keep it mind, this term ‘profile summary’ has many faces, a shapeshifter of sorts! It’s bonkers how many monikers are given by citizens all over the web for this phrase! It goes by many names such as resume summary, profile summary, resume profile, professional summary etc. But more commonly called profile summary by most people. So next time, you catch one of these cheeky shapeshifters out there, don’t get all spooky eyes, just remember, it all means the same thing! We will use these many names throughout! So, you get a good exercise out of it too! Wait, don’t move, hold your seat because it gets from zero to 100 like an Italian V12 engine.

Difference between a resume profile and a resume objective

Professionals use a career profile. Though, resume objective has its value in place, if used properly. Resume objectives are mostly used by beginners looking for an internship, or someone with little direct experience in the chosen industry, since they are making a career switch, for example a hotel receptionist applying for the role of a Store Manager, they both deals with customers but at a compeltley different industry. It's mainly used by an individual who particularly wants a job at a specific company during this career change. But in today’s job market, even beginners use the term resume profile or resume summary, which is completely acceptable.

The term resume objective is somewhat outdated. As silly as it sounds, it’s basically a way of saying, hello, I am looking for a job at your company so I could build by skills further. Please head over here to see more about this topic. Also, be advised, resume objective is increasingly becoming redundant, as job seekers are using the modern term "Professional Profile" as their resume headline. 

How to transform your resume summary into a marketing mouthpiece?

Your old resume headline has been collecting dust! You want to create a resume summary that sparks interest with the recruiter. You want your resume profile to be imbued with everything the recruiters want to see in a star candidate. So, let’s create one with a lux so lustrous, they wouldn’t know if the sun is outside or in. By the time you finish, your phone will be tired taking too many calls from the recruiters.

How to write a successful professional profile for your resume? I guess that question is how you are here today. Alone it would be a bit hard to conjure, that’s why we’re here to offer our help in your quest to find the magic wand to craft the most compelling summary for your resume. Read on as we reveal the tricks of composing the best resume summary.

See yourself as a story: the salesman method to write your resume intro

Getting a job is quite essentially a sales pitch. So, learn to sell yourself! And that’s where a professional summary in resume comes in. We are all a story, and it’s how you say that story that sells you as the candidate of choice. And this is where this ultra-condensed pitch comes in, with its laser focus accuracy, telling exactly why you are the man/women for the job. One leads to the other, the resume summary invites the recruiter with a hold so powerful, they have to read the rest of your resume. And as the recruiter fall in love with you have shown so far, they follow onto your cover letter. As we said, one leads to the next, and finally the final curtain draws, an interview call.

You and recruiter are two sides of the same coin. From the job market, they are seeking a capable candidate, and you’re seeking a position that offers professional growth, perhaps even a raise in salary. So, from recruiters’ perspective, this resume profile just offers them a quick glimpse of what you have to offer and the value you will bring through your brilliance, measured through your skills and competence. It’s quite literally your value proposition for the job you are applying to, showing how your professional merits will make a marriage of perfect union with this job!

Employ keywords from the job description

A resume summary for any job requires you to be mindful about keywords that comes from the job description itself. Employ those keywords delicately throughout your resume because you don't want them to feel forced, it should feel natural with the sentence structure.

If you are applying for a job, use buzzwords/keywords from the listing or it will send your resume to the reject bin. Employ them in your resume carefully! The reason we state this is because of an AI called "Applicant Tracking System," which uses algorithm to screen hundreds of applications to search for the top applicants! You want to pass the AI with flying colors! And here we’ll show you how!

  • Firstly, select important keywords as shown in green, taken from an actual job listing.
  • So long, these highlighted words are used in some form or another at your resume, you will pass the ATS. To exemplify, your resume introduction could begin with, ‘Decorated law professional providing commercial law & estate planning services for 4 years by investing in client relationship.’ And with that you captured 4 important keywords.
  • Of course, there are bullet points to write under work experience, along with a resume profile that can capture at least 80% of these keywords. Make sure they don’t stick out like fish on a tree, they should blend like the wind through the trees.

The six-step formula to write a resume profile that takes off like a rocket

Don’t worry, we know how challenging it can get to crack a firecracker of a career summary, after all, you’re condensing your entire career in a few lines. That’s what this section proudly presents, a formula cracked so neat, you’re going to score a successful resume introduction, in as easy as 1-2-3, or in this case 1 to 6, that’s going to leave the rest with no chance.

A resume isn’t just a big block of boring texts. It's a living, breathing document that has to be employed with effective writing in order for it to flourish and catch the eyes of potential employers! And as aforementioned, you are not really summarizing your career here, you are providing the proofs they need to make their hiring decision right at the top, the most important real estate of your resume, this section has to be targeted to the job with laser focus accuracy. Now, let’s explore the recipe that tells you exactly the spices needed for a truly attention stealing career summary.


  • If you really want a particular job at a company, it’s a good idea to include its name on the resume intro, it shows your genuine interest to join the company. But make sure the company is established and has strong brand presence or very reputable, you don’t want to use this technique on a company that just started out or has little brand presence online.
  • It should permeate your passion to join a company and express a sincere desire to excel in its daily duties to achieve organizational excellence.
  • Showing you have the skills to deliver success isn't enough. You have to impress recruiters by revealing quantifiable achievements, showing the scale of success minted from your skills. If you really want your resume to stand tall like a majestic mountain, use numbers! They truly have a way to pop out of the page. Because in a beautiful forest of words, numbers truly strike out like mountain peaks. But make sure you use actual numerical and not type them as words, for example say '6' instead of six. 
  • Did you accomplish some serious success? Any awards or recognition in your formidable arsenal perhaps? Do display them like Vatican’s do! They are the rarest caret of gemstone in your resume.
  • Your million-dollar resume rocket won’t even make it to launchpad, to give it a chance to take off, if you fail to use keywords. So, please employ keywords from the actual job description to pass the ATS. Please read the section above that shows with actual example on how to do it.
  • Write a resume like you’re scripting a Nike Ad, especially your resume summary. If you want your resume read by recruiters and then some more, you have to create a compelling pull with persuasive writing. Think of it as writing an engaging story! Because that's exactly what your resume is, a narartion of your professional career and think of your resume summary as a trailer to that story.

Resume summary examples written by professional resume writer

Here we’ll show you some of best professional summary for resume ever written, so you can see the best resume headline examples to give you an ocean of ideas, so you can catch a brilliant resume summary statement that can prove you as the prime choice for the job. Because that is ideally what a resume summary should do! It should promote you as the candidate of choice for the vacant position. Writing a resume profile requires some reading and to have a little affair with words to write a perfect story that recruiters will fall in love with, and as they do, they cannot help themselves but read the rest of your resume. That is the power of a compelling resume profile, pinned to its pinnacle of perfection.

Nurse Resume Summary 

Certified Nurse-Midwife with 15+ years of practical experience in Labor and Delivery unit. Seeking a high-level position at Congressional Women’s Care to apply unique skills to manage a high-volume facility with satisfactory scores.

  • Aided 5 OBGYN’s alternatively during high-risk C-sections in 3 hours consecutively as well as assisting over 800+ normal deliveries.
  • Provided postpartum care to patients, administering medication with level 4 license and rendering various medical support which generated 4.5/5 on average post service surveys.
  • Physically fit to lift and aid pregnant patients while changing beds alongside maintaining a 35-bed L&D unit.

Expert feedback: An incredibly efficient and capable woman, this nurse resume summary example showcases all of this RN’s talents in the best possible light for a hiring manager to see and select! She is highly experienced, with over 15 years of practical, hands-on know how in the Labor and Delivery unit. Assisted over 800+ births as well as during high-risk C-sections, this woman comes with incredible set of skills which is needed at a high-volume facility where pre-natal and post-natal complications must be well understood and promptly treated to avert tragic outcomes. Very skilled at providing essential postpartum care to patients following delivery, she is equally efficient in administering level IV medication and other miscellaneous medical support. Furthermore, she can lift heavily pregnant women needing a change of bed, alongside supervising a mid-sized labor and delivery unit as the head nurse. Skilled healthcare personnel like her is hard to come by, and a brilliant nurse resume summary such as this, perfectly highlights her tremendous skills which are bound to please any hiring managers.

Receptionist resume summary

Award winning attentive receptionist with 7 years of experience, skilled at keeping operations organized and bringing 5-star reviews for business. Excellent at lending HR support when needed. Top performing multi-tasker adept at efficiently managing high-pressure workload. Very focused and ever diplomatic in managing complex client situations.

  • Personable professional fluent in 3 languages to serve personalized client relations with lasting impressions.
  • Highly equipped in daily duties with turbo type-speed at 65 WPM, creating custom reports in MS Suites and writing marketing grade material. 

Expert feedback: A superwoman of a receptionist, you might as well bring her a cape because that would be so fitting! Not only is she ambidextrous, she knows how to generate smiling customers and extremely efficient at solving problems! She’s a steal for any organization, any given day. What’s more, she also speaks three languages fluently and write like writers do! A true gem of a receptionist resume summary presented in the most fitting manner, that is sure to run away with any recruiter’s attention instantly!

Office manager resume summary

Productivity focused office manager bringing 8+ years of demonstrated operational brilliance with management best practices. Eager to join Tangent Atlantic to deliver a new level of organizational excellence and efficiency.

  • Designed improved work schedules that increased team performance and productivity by 9%.
  • Reduced office operational costs by 9%, saving $43000 per year.
  • Very versatile professional with excellent writing and research skills which helped a 12-member team to generate new contract growth by 20% at a competition-intensive tech business.

Expert feedback: Is this office manager resume summary for a human being or Superman? Because we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s for the man with the cape! A highly-experienced individual who has a whole library of skills up her sleeve which goes beyond the roles of an office manager! That is indeed the sound of a Superman at work. Coming with a forte of cost-cutting office manager with an eagle focused determination to deliver productivity, that ladies and gentleman is the staff of the year. In essence this applicant ticks all the boxes and just what a hiring manager looks for in an office manager.

Sales and marketing manager resume summary

Smart, savvy sales manager seeking a mid-level position at Bears Inc. to deliver successful sales practice with top shelf results. Google, SalesForce and Facebook Ad Certified specialist with deep expertise on funnel creation and lead generation ideas. 

  • Awarded the top three performers of the northern territory. Closed a record $730 thousand worth of contracts, managing complex client situations and solving them led to 2 promotion in 28 months.
  • Coordinated with Marketing VP to supervise a team of 5 junior members to successfully manage marketing campaigns worth $470000 which created 733 new leads and $1.8 million new account revenue.
  • Strong expertise with top-tier CRM systems: MailChimp, HubSpot and SalesForce.

Expert feedback: Smiling salesman who solves all your problems smartly? What a gem to find! Recruiters will be hooked to this sales manager resume summary in those precious six seconds and clamor to bag this applicant before anyone else does! A smile wins hearts instantly and this person is savvy and smiling so that’s a definite win-win in the world of sales. With his brilliant track record he’s a great catch for stores with dwindling sales numbers since he’s skilled in bringing up sales numbers by training and applying new techniques. A marketing resume summary could not read any better, a master of handling and diffusing difficult situations with a smile, this applicant will keep customers smiling while minting money from their wallet, taking store profit through the roof.

Operations manager resume summary

Award winning facility manager with 10+ years of managing ISO90001:2015/ISO 22000 compliant food production facilities. Ensured food safety with robust measure of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) by always keeping it current and under continuous monitoring. Looking for a position at Lounge Bake to deliver production goals with flying cookies.

  • Improved cost control system by cutting inventory layover cost by 27%.
  • Recorded zero health hazard incidents in the last 7 years by implementing improved workplace safety SOPs.
  • Efficiency increased by 7% with improved waste management, which led to annualized $378000 savings.

Expert feedback: This resume summary is worth its weight in gold just like the applicant! For someone so skilled and efficient, his food production manager resume summary should capture all his strengths and abilities and this one does exactly that. Beginning with his decade of experience and impressive awards and certifications it goes on to explain how the candidate has applied his years of technical know-how to strategically increase bottom-line for the company with better waste management. A highly capable individual, this applicant has proven his remarkable abilities by recording zero incidents in the last 7 years. Take it from us, this operations manager resume summary sample sits at the top!

Financial analyst resume summary

Certified finance analyst trained and led a team of 14 members for 3+ years. Eager to join a performance driven high-level position at FinManage Corp. to bring quantitative expertise of 7+ years. Intending to develop and implement effective financial policies to achieve core deliverables and strengthen firm’s financial performance.

  • Spearheaded an efficient data management overhaul leading to 27% cost reduction.
  • 6 projects with $100k budgets that added 2.7% alpha returns on pharmaceutical sector performance. 

Expert feedback: This one is a phoenix flying far and wide across new horizons. She flies with pure financial brilliance and what peak performance can do for a company. She’s a climber with only one sight in mind, to claim the peak of the valley. This finance resume summary shows she’s a star candidate with a stellar track record and keen understanding of her craft, it’s no surprise her resume profile summary brings all the incredible achievements in a nutshell for the recruiter to review. Her career summary shows how she can mint money by managing complex project deliverables. Also showing her ability to lead a pack of wolf going for the kill.

Data scientist resume summary

CCP certified lead data strategist seeking a position at Harvard University to design curriculum by utilizing 15+ years of practical, tactical expertise achieving capital management goals.

  • Predicted 23% stock suggestions that generated 8.2% alpha returns over two quarters.
  • Created robust predictive models derived from deep expertise with Tensorflow, MATLAB and Python to find patterns with 32% comparative accuracy while supporting sector-specific financial analyst achieve their performance targets.

Expert feedback: A data analyst summary for resume that reads like he’s being crowned the king of numbers! As far as king with his throne goes, this one deliver wealth beyond measure! A king to rule any kingdom. A resume measured only with unbridled ambition to achieve sheer scale of brilliance. Identifying his key achievements that highlights his authority in the resume introduction gives him bragging rights like Mayweather with his 50-0 clean record. Comes complete with a proven track record to achieve performance at scale owing to his innate understanding of data science and associated tools. This is one of the exemplary resume profile summary we have come across! Comes highly recommended.

Police officer resume summary

Former Navy SEAL and veteran police officer with 12+ years of experience in law enforcement seeking a high-level position at We Protect Securities to exercise military-level tactical and surveillance expertise.

  • Leading a department of 20+ officers that reduced street crime rate by 14% with proactive community engagement, decreased 911-related response time with enhanced training.
  • Designed and trained over 200+ officers in advanced security programs.
  • Resolved conflicts efficiently 20% more than department average.

Expert feedback: This is as good a summary statement for resume as it can ever come! A police officer who has served as a Navy SEAL? What could be better? This guy is a human Robocop and security companies are forever on the hunt for employees like him! With a decade of police work under his belt paired with military- expertise in security systems and surveillance techniques recruiters will take one glance at his resume and get hooked instantly. Highly successful in handling street crime and resolving conflicts he is also great at designing various security systems that enhanced department performance.

Caregiver resume summary

Compassionate caregiver with 10+ years of experience rendering patients with award winning care. Seeking a position at Nature Leafs to measure and deliver exceptional caregiving practices to create a happy and vibrant care facility.

  • Assisted 400+ patients aged 70-90 with daily activities, capable of lifting patients weighing up to 150lbs to change dressing.
  • Serviced up to 35 bed-ridden patients in a day and admitting 5 patients simultaneously to care facility while caring for their physical and emotional needs.

Expert feedback: If Florence Nightingale was looking for a job, her resume summary would probably read like this! A well-pitched professional profile for resume. Caregivers are two a penny but someone who is also kind? Now that’s definitely rare! Experienced in providing care to geriatric patients, applicant is a trained nurse who can change dressings and physically very fit to help adult patients sit upright and assist in their daily needs. She is also highly experienced in getting elderly patients get used to new surroundings and care for them both emotionally as well as physically which makes her a true gem and a gives recruiter’s a run for their money! This resume summary captures all her special qualities coupled with professional skills to land top shelf job!

Chef resume summary

Award-winning Cordon Bleu-trained celebrity chef seeking the post of head chef in Le Perrouche to bring 15+ years of experience in food service industry.

  • Featured in several food magazines on how to improve guest experience and efficiency.
  • Credited with most innovative chef award for introducing new dishes that increased revenues by 45% and mentoring 200+ kitchen staff for various kitchen roles.

Expert feedback: This resume summary is bound to make any recruiter’s mouth water! We are proud to bring this brilliant chef resume summary example from our bank! Armed with expertise at various levels of culinary development, this chef is any restaurant owner’s dream come true. With her years of experience and innovative mindset she’s a steal and how! Not only is she adept at introducing exciting new dishes she’s also expert at training staff at all levels and bolster revenue by a high percentage. An employee of her caliber will be a great addition to any food service outlet.

Dental assistant resume summary

Caring dental assistant with 10+ years of experience supervising high-volume practice. Very vibrant professional seeking an assistant position at Tooth Fairy Dental to improve current service rating with improved customer relationship skills.

  • Always ready to aid surgeon with an expert dentistry support and perform meticulous pre-procedures.
  • Efficiently managed 35+ patients in 8 hour shifts, recording patient details and sharing them with 4 doctors simultaneously.
  • Expert in handling dental equipment’s, X-ray machines and billing.

Expert feedback: This one will certainly help Mona Lisa smile with a bigger curve, if she was ever looking for a dental job that is. A highly experienced dental assistant who is great at communicating with patients and relaying their problems and details with multiple doctors at the same time, is indeed a real find and just what hiring managers are look for. Handling high volume practices like cake on a Sunday and the sweet cheery on top, very capable with those complicated contraptions. This is every dentist’s best friend, a gal that knows her medical equipment’s! Also keeping office and billing operations smooth as wine, this one is a sellout candidate! Move, make way please, the queen of career summary has arrived.

Housekeeping resume summary

Multitasking and highly organized housekeeping manager looking for a post at SQ Hotel to bring 6+ years of 360-degree expertise on serving elite guests with their ever-discerning demands.

  • Increased housekeeping efficiency by 17% which resulted in reducing checkout cleaning by 8 minutes.
  • Efficiently managed high volume housekeeping operations on a 240-bedroom hotel during peak seasons.
  • Awarded Gold-Star employee 3 times in 5 years, implemented 16 new cleaning procedures with improved product which were recognised with special accolade from hotel management.

Expert feedback: If you’re looking to write a housekeeping summary for resume that was to pitch for Monarchy, the majesty herself, the queen, than you’re in the money! A sparkling objective that is bound to bring a twinkle in every hiring manager’s eyes! If this resume summary persuades the recruiter to instantly hire this individual, it will not surprise us at all! A top-notch housekeeping staff who knows cost cutting measures by implementing innovative housekeeping procedures and plenty of accolades to his belt, this guy is a one-man gem. Capable of keeping housekeeping operations efficient during peak seasons when guest turnover is high shows, he has excellent staff and time management skills. Such a loaded resume profile summary will definitely inspire recruiters to hire him in a jiffy to keep their hotel squeaky clean and shiny.

Bartender resume summary

Energetic mixologist with flamboyant personality to pair with. Entertaining guests for 3+ years in cosmopolitan crowd with a combined experience of 8 years. Desiring a position at The Hunt leigh to bring a unique array of skill set.

  • Expert knowledge on 20 different kinds of craft beer, 40+ cocktails and more!
  • Invented “eternal spring”, a sellout cocktail among the crowds. Can read escalating situations to stay ahead.
  • Adept at mixing and serving 10 guests simultaneously while keeping them entertained and engaged.

Expert feedback: A bartender resume summary of this caliber will have recruiters go ‘sip sip hooray’! This individual is a magician of a bartender with unique skills and knowledge second to none. Not only is he great at mixing, innovating new cocktail and serving cocktails, he is also fun and interesting that keeps patrons engaged and happy. The ability to diffuse or handle unpleasant situations in bars is indeed a detail worth mentioning and is sure to catch any recruiter’s eye. His detailed knowledge of alcoholic beverages and knack for creativity has boosted sales greatly and shows he can be a great addition to any bar!

Software developer resume summary

Highly versatile software engineer bringing 6+ years of experience with design, develop and deploying highly scalable solutions. Passionately contribute in the planning stage to create world-class web applications.

  • Led a team of 15 to modernize Cignet systems, a company valued over $500 million.
  • Designing highly efficient database for cross-platform compatibility, reducing content latency by 27%.
  • Fully adept with PHP, CSS, HTML5, Ruby, Java and AngularJS to create user-focused, robust backend systems.
  • Always experimenting with emerging concepts to spur new innovation for next generations features.

Expert feedback: Recruiters will not be held liable for resorting to criminal methods to bag this applicant! For an applicant this incredible such a software developer resume summary is only fitting! In only 6 years he has developed extremely successful solutions that have yielded great results. Having designed highly specialized business systems his expertise in data analysis has come handy in identifying and solving errors that increased content latency by miles, this applicant indeed is a gem of an engineer. This resume headline further highlights the fact that he’s extremely focused about users and efficiency, both are important measure of success. Taking about catching recruiters’ eye and running away with their attention, this one does it like no other.

Project manager resume summary

Versatile project manager with 10+ years of experience, currently seeking to leverage leadership expertise for a Chicago firm.

  • Implemented salesforce which lead to 8% revenue increase in previous computer chips manufacturing firm, cutting warehouse costs by 8% with automation introduction.
  • Spearheaded extremely successful Six Sigma overhaul with a 20+ team over 4 years to improve product quality which raised customer satisfaction by 19%.
  • Awarded for creating a positive, collegial work environment by providing performance coaching and mentoring support staffs.

Expert feedback: Goodness what a loaded project manager resume summary statement! Any recruiter that comes across this project manager resume summary will pocket the Powerball lotto! For this applicant is a real diamond cut with the highest carats! With a decade of experience under his belt he has implemented several important projects that have proven to be highly successful and raising revenue with an eye-popping margin. Cost-cutting is also another major achievement for this project manager alongside improving quality. A great team player with a cheerful, positive attitude, this individual will be a valuable addition to any firm looking for a top-tier project manager. For a master stroke like him, this is a befitting project manager resume summary.

Account manager resume summary

Senior marketing professional with 12+ years of account management experience, seeking a directorial position at MelCorp. Looking to generate record ROI by utilizing keen understanding of the industry with proven ‘client first’ mindset utilizing sophisticated relationship-building techniques.

  • Managed 60+ accounts in an IT firm totaling annual revenue of $11.8 million and achieved 117% of yearly revenue targets.
  • Deadline driven performer achieving 100% on time deliverables, scoring 98.5% in satisfaction survey from clients.
  • Introduced improved client engagement methods which lead to 23% drop in client complaints and reinstated 5 lost accounts.

Expert feedback: An account manager resume summary to win every recruiter’s heart, this resume introduction comes loaded like a gold mine! It seems that this applicant has a direct hotline with Zeus, the Greek god! With years of experience under his belt he is a people’s person through and through, which has led to lower client complaints and increased profits for the firm. Having managed numerous accounts he has the much-needed and valuable know-how to solve time sensitive problems and foster positive relationships to increase ROI which is what every firm needs. All in all, this candidate will be a valuable addition to any firm at a top-shelf position and this job summary for resume proves just that.

Product manager resume summary

Successful senior product manager carrying proven track record of generating growth in the renewable energy industry. Bringing 8+ years of experience with product development, market research and project management. Develop strategies derived from deep data analysis and skilled at identifying opportunities to maximize profit performance.

  • Managed design to launch, for the most successful patented product at GreenStar, delivering $2.6 million revenue in the first year alone.
  • Well versed with business fundamentals to close sale contracts worth $730000 and recognizing emerging threats.

Expert feedback: Please, someone give him the CEO of the year already. He might be holding a Product Manager position, but he serves no less than a CEO by the look of that impressive Product Manager Resume Summary. A resume summary of this caliber is one for the books! Short of a decade of experience may not be much in this industry but this applicant has achieved a lot in his time. Plenty of success to show for, who met product and revenue goals with flying colors in all 8 years. He further brought in new contracts and knows how to keep an eye out for the night wolf. In a nutshell this applicant truly deserves all the attention he can get.

Security officer resume summary

Licensed security personnel with 9+ years of experience seeking a senior position at Secure Plus to apply military-grade surveillance skills. Supervised 25 teams to safeguard and protect a 1.8 sq mile establishment 24/7.

  • Former US marine equipped with highly specialized tactical and observational practice reduced theft and burglary by 45% in previous posts.
  • Equipped our teams with observational, analytical and decision-making method which reduced crime incidence by 57%.
  • Secured permitter from 17 security breaches without discharging a weapon.

Expert feedback: Is this security officer resume summary for a human being? Highly trained by the military this applicant possesses specialized skill set that is extremely beneficial for security-related jobs. With his decade-long experience in this field, he has acquired art of diffusing security incidence with his analytical, tactical and problem-solving proficiency. His expertise is highly valuable for training members to rise them to his level of observation, analyzing and making a decision in a crisis situation. Furthermore, he has managed to circumvent criminal activities without turning to his hot pistol! Which shows his dexterity and mental clarity much-needed in this field. In essence this security manager resume summary highlights all of this applicant’s best qualities and is bound to catch any hiring manager’s eye instantly!

Warehouse resume summary

Productivity focused warehouse manager looking for a senior position to apply decade-long expertise in inventory management and warehouse operations. Skilled in finance and productivity management to delivery efficient warehouse operability at MoveFast Corp.

  • Was in charge of 130,000 sq. ft facility to introduce automation which reduced part time staffs by 80% during peak seasons, resulting in $130K savings.
  • Awarded Leader of the Year award for 2 years for dispatching goods 100% on time and recording zero hazard incidence with enhanced safety SOP.

Expert feedback: An impressive warehouse resume summary that captures all of the applicant’s best qualities, this one is a total winner! Starting with his 10 year-long experience it goes on to talk about his expertise in inventory management and stock-taking. It then touches upon his adeptness with finance and management that shows he is a number guy who is focused on using his warehouse management methods to optimize warehouse costs and contribute more to the bottom line.

Being in charge of a massive warehouse operations with incredible ability to train and maintain teams to keep operations smooth round the clock is another incredible feat, the recruiters would love to hear all about! And implementing a state-of-the-art automation that increased efficiency remarkably is the sweet cherry on top of cake. And he has been awarded best leader for two years in a row for installing a modern scanner system that saved a lot of time and whole lot of money. All in all this warehouse manager resume summary is precise in its pitch, brings the applicant’s strongest suits forward and will engage any recruiter right away!

Bank Teller Resume summary

Customer-focused bank teller with 5 years of experience in the banking industry. Seeking a mid-level position at First Cash Bank. Proficient at processing deposits, transfers, withdrawals and forex services.

  • Persuaded 47 clients to high rewards credit card by utilizing salesmanship with extensive knowledge of consumer banking products.
  • Awarded “Teller of the Year” for ensuring compliance by identifying 9 high risk transactions, 100% accurate transaction recording.
  • Exceptional customer service with a cheery persona which helped achieve 98.87% service rating for prompt problem-solving and service delivery.

Expert feedback: What a whiz this gal is! Not only is she capable of all the simpler duties of a teller, she has converted 47 clients to take on a high rewards credit card! While ensuring she is at her happier and smilier self at all times! With half a decade of experience under her belt, she demonstrates she has thorough knowledge of consumer banking products with excellent salesman skills. She has also been awarded for her exceptional customer service and speedy problem-solving skills, also identifying and reporting high risk transactions. She’s a steal and will be a valuable addition to any financial institution and this resume summary for bank job does a killer job at selling her merits to any bank she points her fingers to. 

Customer Service Resume Summary

Award winning customer service manager with bilingual fluency, building online reputation for businesses with proven excellence in customer care operations for 7 years. Efficient at solving customer problems with timely service recovery. Supervised high-traffic customer service operations across offline and online platforms.

  • Awarded the Customer Care trophy for winning the best support team among 27 outlets.
  • Beat second position by 15% to score 4.7/5 in customer care.
  • Expanded Spanish-speaking customer base by receiving 94% positive customer survey results.

Expert feedback: Ask any Hispanic customer and they’ll bemoan how difficult it is to find a helpful customer service manager that speaks good Spanish! In that regard this customer service manager resume summary highlights this gem of an individual who is not only a good Spanish but also serves like the team’s serving her highness every time! Now, that’s a winning team by all counts, who treats their customers as royal mighty, the queen herself. Having managed high traffic front-end operations of a busy customer service department on a daily basis, she has been awarded for scoring the highest customer feedback in 27 outlets in USA. Now, the CEO high up there is like, how do we copy this girl for every store we have? Tsk, where’s the bio-tech, when we need them?

Healthcare Resume Summary 

Performance focused healthcare operations manager with 4 years of managerial experience, another 3 years of associate experience to bring 360° approach into hospital desk management. CPDHTS & ACHA certified professional seeking a position at Sacred Heart Hospital to deliver improved administration using in-depth knowledge on healthcare policies, medical procurement, patient billing & efficient record keeping.

  • Introduced an all-integrated billing system that reduced cost by 25% and reduced patient discharge time by 37%.
  • Spearheaded alternative work schedule for hospital staff that enhanced morale by 30% and improved overall performance by 20%.

Expert feedback: Working in the healthcare sector requires an individual to be responsible and dutiful. Judging from this healthcare worker resume summary this applicant is all that and plenty more! With a half a decade of experience to back herself, she possesses sound knowledge of hospital administration that comprises of general documentation, patient billing, hospital work routines and data management. Her knowledge further extends to medical equipment procurement and even to healthcare policies which is an important skill to have in this field. Moreover, she introduced a new computerized billing system that not only reduced cost by a quarter it also decreased discharge time greatly.

She knows her way with system integration or how to implement such a taxing endeavor. Furthermore, she knows staff morale is key for optimal service delivery, so that brilliant work schedule idea, helped score the proverbial two birds with one stone. In essence, she’s a prized asset for any recruiter and this healthcare resume summary captures this with flying colors! 

Engineer Resume Summary

IESANZ registered mechanical engineer with high lateral talent looking to utilize 16 years of aerospace system design skills to deliver manufacturing targets at Lockheed Martin. Highly adept performing feasibility study, systems architecture, site management, patent usage and registration to deliver cost-efficient solutions.

  • Invented Sequence-terra-flow which is the most profitable patent registered at previous firm, generating over $26 million sales to date.
  • Lowered manufacturing costs by 17% after applying next generation material from home grown producer with direct supply line.
  • AIAA Aerospace Design Engineering Award for 2018.

Expert feedback: Talk about Tony Stark doing the mile in his auto armored suits! With credentials nothing short of Iron Man, this mechanical engineer resume summary is the stuff hiring manager’s dreams are made of! He has over a decade of engineering innovation under his belt and has been instrumental in generating profit making patents. His incredible skills have helped lower production costs by 17%. This guy has achieved so much in such a short time, it cements his engineering career and dedication he gives towards his job, easily becoming a recruiter’s preferred candidate of choice. And we enlist this engineer resume summary to the hall of fame for nabbing the best resume summary. 

Data Analyst Resume Summary

Methodical data analyst seeking a mid-level position at FinTech Solutions to apply decade-long experience in financial analysis and data management to leverage business decisions. Bringing robust business intelligence analysis to enhance trading performance.

  • Spearheaded overhaul of stockroom operations that reduced operational office costs by 8%.
  • Meticulous analysis of market trends led to record quarter profitability of $247 million.
  • Saved an operating loss of $13 million by timely identifying critical risk within a group of investments after analyzing operating data.

Expert feedback: If you’re looking for a resume summary for job, your search ends here. Because this data wizard shows how to mine gold-bars out of troves of data! He delivers where it matters, the bottom-line! His bold business analysis of market produced record shattering quarter. He saved a whopping $13 million by identifying high risk market parameters for an investment his firm was holding. Without the timely sell-off trade for those risky asset holdings, they would be sitting on a hole the size of $13 million. A data analyst summary for resume cannot come any better.

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