Brilliant Marketing Manager Resume Writing Guide

You’ll learn the ropes on how to write a striking marketing resume. And also, we’ll provide a comprehensive coverage for an explosive growth in your marketing career. In short, this is what you will find today:

  • Marketing manager job descriptions/duties
  • Marketing career path
  • Marketing manager salary and perks
  • What does a marketing manager do?
  • Marketing manager resume example
  • Skills to put on resume

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Marketing and Sales department are the lifeblood of an organization. They work to bring two things to businesses: money and market share. They are the heartbeat of an organization, pumping vitals across other organs of an organization. A company without marketing is like Usian Bolt without two legs, and the organizational organs would soon start to desist without them.

What is the typical profile of a marketing manager?

  • They typically have a bachelor of business degree (often with a major in marketing)
  • They are between 28 – 35 years old with 8+ years of experience
  • 5% are typically men, 27% are women and 0.5% are gender neutral

What are the core duties of a marketing manager?

They organize training sessions for the sales team, and advise them on techniques and methods to employ to enhance individual/team performance. They analyze sales data and consumer behavior to deliver precise sales strategy that fits into the overall marketing objective. You can find 10 most important responsibilities of a market manager here, and 40+ marketing manager job descriptions. 

In addition to these they are also in charge of communicating with consumers or client, pricing their products, complete autonomy over promotion and special offers to navigate the cyclical nature of product or service consumptions which sways with seasons. To sum it up in few words, here goes!

  • Develop and deploy sales plan
  • Supervise sales team and measure their performance evaluation
  • Establish goals and ensure they are met satisfactorily
  • Analyze troves of data for strategic precision
  • Allocate resources and assign sales territories
  • Communicate with clients and ensure satisfactory service delivery


The next generation business leaders are coming from someone who has a core understating of the market, the product and the customers, bringing with them genuine “business building skills”. That’s why Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are finding themselves a place in the board positions. In fact, CEO’s are considered as someone with strong strategic capability, a seat with the highest rank in a firm. And these positions are being increasingly chaired by previous marketing maestros! Take the case of John Costello who was helmed the CEO of Costello Ventures, he was previously the president of marketing and innovation at Dunkin Donuts. Jill McDonald, the marketing maven at British Airways was chaired as CEO of Mark & Spencer. Cases like these are turning up everywhere!

So, if you’re looking for a career that lets you have a bird’s eye view from the top of a mountain, you know the profession you’re after! Also, the perks it comes with are really rewarding! You get all sorts of bonuses when you meet sales targets, you get to travel on company’s credit card! You get to broaden your professional rapport and repertoire by minting solid connections, which stays with you for life.

Marketing manager salary: the perks and pay

Their pay scale is impressive too; in 2022 the average base salary of a sales manager is $65, 850 according to This usually tends to be the starting point, with annual bonus that can range from $2000 to up to $44000 annually. Below is a summary snapshot of key financial metrics.

Base Salary $37k - $122k
Average Salary $65K
Bonus $2k - $44k
Profit Sharing
$1k - $30k
Commission $3k - $96k
Total Pay $37k - $150k


Marketing career ladder chart

Very few professions allow such a tall climb. But it’s not everyone’s cake, the arduous effort that goes into it everyday to build your base from the ground up, eventually conquering the entire mountain from where you can control a company’s strategic direction, is certainly not for the masses. The climb to success is built on the backs of incredible personal sacrifices multiplied over decades, couple that with the drive and direction to build great business with unwavering dedication, only then the handful few reach the top. 


VP of Sales

Marketing Director

National Sales Manager

Brand Manager

Business Development Manager

Regional Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Account Manger


Sales Coordinator

Sales intern


Marketing Manager
Clayton, 3168

License: CPP40307 Certificate IV Property Services VIC

Dynamic marketing manager with 6+ years of experience seeking a position at Moonee Ponds Central. Expert real estate knowledge to deliver effective online marketing campaigns to increase engagement. Awarded for delivering strategic marketing directions to manage over 5000 portfolios nationwide. Generated downpayments for newly commenced residential projects that raised 70% of the development fund through advanced deposits with highly precise funnel targeting. Aiming to apply exceptional marketing strategy to develop omni channels to acquire client leads, assist with ancillary business operations and design engaging community events to attract and satisfy prospective clients.


  • Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO (SEMrush, Ahrefs and Link building Techniques)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • High converting blogs
  • Lead generation
  • Brochures & leaflet
  • Hubspot & Salesforce


Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing major)
Monash University, Melbourne, 2008-2012
GPA 3.75 Magna Cum Laude

Work Experience

Assistant Marketing Executive, Go Home Properties
2018 – present, East Melbourne 3002

  • Awarded “Most Entrepreneurial Employee” for delivering strategic marketing initiatives for 9 high value projects commercial and residential projects, generated 237% social media engagement from previous years, invited interested clientele over Hors d'oeuvre, which generated 9% offline conversions.
  • Shared the customer’s and community’s needs and expectations across the asset team and broader business through research and ongoing community engagement via meetings, video chats and other forms of communication. Oversaw all kinds of communication personally that increased customer satisfaction rate by 70% and gained new clients through word of mouth.
  • Initiated market research, surveys and analyzed findings to apply them to enhance firm’s performance. Keen analysis of existing and prospective client’s tastes, wants and corresponding changes raised ROI by 20% as it grew customer base manifold.

Marketing Executive, Eastern Housing Ltd
2013 – 2018, Caufield 3162

  • Drafted and managed print, online and social media communications developed to promote brand, the goods and services provided.
  • Implemented innovative multi-channel programs and activations that increased traffic by 75%, enhance guest experience and created opportunities for retailers and brand partners to engage effectively with key audience groups.
  • Participated in Manager on Duty rotation, staff meetings and other relevant management responsibilities.
  • Proactively engaged with industry bodies, and emerging retail industry concepts and trends.



To succeed at any job, necessary skills relevant to the work is essential. With proper training and guidance anyone with a Bachelor’s degree can work in sales although majoring in business, especially in sales is always beneficial. Having the right skills will not only help excel at the job but also act as a catalyst for career advancement into 6-digit salary and beyond. A sales manager must be adept at:

  • Hiring and recruiting talented new team members to bring fresh perspective and input which is extremely valuable in today’s world. It is the subordinates that get the cogs of a wheel turning. In other words, while a manager assigns duties the team members get the actual work done. Having smart employees is very important for any business to operate smoothly and be profitable.
  • Coaching team members is essential because every project is different. Businesses are actual entities who may not be alive but definitely need nurturing to reach maximum potential. And then there’s performance coaching which specializes on a specific set of processes to train, mentor and guide his or her team to get them roaring like an Italian V12 engine.
  • Leadership skills are absolute essential. Motivating the team, listening to their differences, respecting boundaries, providing necessary resources to help perform their job better are all duties of an excellent leader and a sales manager must possess. Effective leadership also ensures knowing one’s team’s strengths and weaknesses and how to play them to the business’s advantage properly.
  • Analytical power of a sales manager are crucial for a business to be successful. Reviewing data, analyzing market trends, understanding financial reports will help determine the relevancy of the information and allows to make meaningful conclusions and predict unforeseen events.
  • Problem-solving capabilities of a sales manager help address difficult situations when they arise. In times of crisis a calm, collected approach on the manager’s part goes a long way and helps team members perform their jobs efficiently without disruption.
  • Sales planning must be planned, executed and overseen by the manager. This includes defining, implementing, maintaining and updating the team’s sales plans. It further involves predicting trends, setting goals, researching the market as well as the customer.
  • Delegating tasks to the right team members at the right time to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. Knowing one’s staff well is key in this regard. Each member of staff has unique strengths and weaknesses that must be utilized for the project’s benefit. An astute sales manager knows his team well to challenge them to take on a project, acquire new skills if needed and excel at their assigned task with flying colors.
  • Communication skills will make or break a sales manager’s career. One of the primary requirements of this job is to meet, talk and interact with countless sales representatives on a daily basis. An introvert is likely to shy away from networking with unknown people and sabotage his career. On the contrary a socially intelligent person will have strong communication skills, know how to interact with multitude of individuals, gain valuable insights about the business and grow it manifold. In addition, it also ensures a manager is relaying accurate information to the sales staff and other team members in an efficient, timely fashion and through the proper channel.   

Top resume skills for marketing manager

The resume skills section shows and summarizes your best features about your professional competence. It is the third most important section of a resume. And ideally to speak into your resume strengths, these skills to some extent must be employed in the work experience section under a few bullet points, to demonstrate these mentioned skills are tried and tested in real market conditions.

Resume hard skills you can use: Hard skills are essentially profession specific technical skills. These are great technical skills to put on a marketing resume. We’ve listed some well curated hard skills examples below:

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Print media (brochures, leaflet)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Online reputation management
  • Social Media Marketing (TikTok, Facebook, Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Sales Presentation
  • Marketing research
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google, Bing, Gmail)
  • SEO (SEMrush, Ahrefs and Link building Techniques)
  • High converting blogs
  • Lead generation (Funnel development)
  • Hubspot, Salesforce
  • Email marketing (MailChimp, Survey Money)
  • CMS (WordPress, Joomla and Ghost)

Resume soft skills you can use: Soft skills are essentially those skills that is required pretty much in every industry and profession. They are essential skills nonetheless, but if you’re a marketing veteran, you should focus on the hard skills. However, if you’re a marketing intern or just starting our fresh, soft skills becomes very important, because these are the resume skills you got plenty of! Please note, this is only a broad list of resume soft skills. Some of these soft skills are more suited and would appear appropriate for experienced professionals. So we have broken them in two groups.

General soft skills

  • Time management
  • Sales presentation
  • Vendor liaison
  • Task prioritizing
  • Deadline focused
  • Friendly and collaborative
  • Organizational support
  • MS Excel (Proficiency 8/10)
  • Client engagement
  • Flexibility

Experienced soft skills

  • Team management
  • Conflict resolution
  • PR Communication
  • Strong leadership
  • Training & development
  • Stakeholder communications


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