10 responsibilities of marketing manager

Today we talk about the 10 responsibilities of marketing manager. We’ll also cover the importance of marketing in modern business and look into what makes ‘word of mouth’ marketing the best front for marketers.

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10 responsibilities of marketing manager

Marketing is like a plate of really well-made gnocchi pasta, with many different ingredients coming together in the right balance to create an amazing meal, with a Tiramisu to go with right after. The key ingredients are customer acquisition and market share growth—but these two can be expanded into many more marketing functions. We’ll now zero in on 10 most important responsibilities of marketing manager.

  1. Create and implement marketing plans
  2. Brand reputation management
  3. Evaluate brands by accurately estimating brand awareness metrics
  4. Control product pricing and placement
  5. Generate online traffic and identify new funnels (SEO, SEM, SM, Influencer)
  6. Analyze market and competitors
  7. Measure brand loyalty
  8. Identify opportunities using analytics and improve conversions to optimize ROAS
  9. Develop new market for products and identify new customer acquisition channels
  10. Assign sales target and report KPI’s of sales team

Marketing is the tool, when competition is fierce! 

“Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.”, sorry Mr. Edwin, we couldn’t agree with one word of it! What he meant here is, for a truly great product, you don’t really need marketing! Product will fly off the shelf just on words of mouth alone! It would be true, if you’re holding pure monopoly in your market! Look at what the infamous Pharma Bro did, he was holding a monopoly with a patent in a very niche prescription medicine, but decided to jack up the prices of his drug Daraprim by 5000%! But karma had other plans for this little flea, that’s a story for another day! 

You don’t need marketing, you can do as you please, when there is one product (with no alternative) and one provider in the market! Forget marketing costs, selling with a shabby service will do just fine, so you can pocket humungous profit! But try not be like Martin Shkreli, the Pharma bro, karma will wipe you clean! He’s the first and hopefully the last of his kind.

When everyone strives to build best service backing a well-made product, it shows capitalism at play, in its finest stroke. Efficiency and innovation driving market towards optimal resource allocation. Let us explain, its slightly tricky, so we’ll ease it into you! Business who provides better product eats away into competition slowly but surely; so, the firm with poor build quality and service eventually runs outs of business and customers now pours their money into the better company who is utilizing their profits to create newer and upgraded products with R&D which requires a lot of resources. That’s what we meant, the excess resources in the market, that is our disposable income going into the pockets of players who is scoring all the right goals! You are not paying someone $200, so they would sell you a $30 Nike knockoff! You expect the exact value from the product which was promised in the product description or specifications.

If you want a detailed look into the duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager, we h ave covered this topic here.

What is word of mouth marketing (WOMM)?

Word of mouth is the ultimate dream come true for marketers! Whether using viral advert or just the amazing build quality of the product. Customers can’t stop talking about it because they loved the ad that strike a chord with them. Or the WOMM kicks in after purchasing the product because the customer comes to fall madly in love with the experience and starts to share his or her personal account of using the product among their circles. They are essentially brand ambassadors minus the millions being paid out to Portuguese power player Cristiano Ronaldo.

You have to pay to get your ads across the screens of users. But then there’s the rare occasion when your Ad becomes the talk of town! It’s on everyone’s mouth and you’re spending nada to deliver it to their devices! They are actively searching the Ad on the internet because everyone else is talking about it! These brilliant word of mouth marketing examples shows advertisement going viral and firing billions of neurons in the minds of viewers.


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10 responsibilities of marketing manager
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