Win a nurse job interview with a brilliant Nurse Cover Letter

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Why would I write a RN cover letter when they don’t read them?

So, you were told, HR Managers never reads cover letters. But that’s BS, trust us. There is plenty of research which still proves that cover letters are crucial for your job search success. The OfficeTeam research shows, 91% of recruiters/HR Managers finds cover letter valuable.

An employer will always have time for an application that is worthy of all their attention. If you have a compelling resume, they will almost always proceed to read your cover letter for nursing job. But if a resume fails to fire any interest, that cover letter will be collecting dust in their bin.

You have never been back to a restaurant where you had a horrible dining experience, right? The same goes for employers, when faced with a boring resume, the lose interest pretty quick and bolt pretty quick. They don’t want to go back to another boring piece of paper. Why would they? They’ve got better things to do, than open a cover letter that puts them to sleep in the middle of the god-damn day.

Expert Tip

You want an interview to a top paying nursing job? Write a killer cover letter.

Successful ingredients for an engaging registered nurse cover letter

We all know about the boring nursing student cover letter that starts with ‘To whom it may concern’. That’s one boat that will sink your job application. You want to pique and play with recruiters’ interest, so by the time they finish reading your cover letter, they will be jumpy like a teenager to meet with you.

Find HR Manager’s name

Please find HR Managers name, do not for the love of lamb, start with “To whom it may concern”, suddenly they are no longer concerned with your application. You just couldn’t care to find the name of the person you’re writing to. A simple search in google or LinkedIn would have done the job. For the sake of your job application success, please find the hiring manager’s name.

Proofread your cover letter

A simple typo on your cover letter could be the difference between called out to an interview or thrown out as soon as your spelling crash was discovered at your cover letter. When you write clearly, and completely free of spelling or grammar error. It shows someone who understands and provides attention to presentation. Someone who cares about the little things. Because in any profession, it is these little things if gone unchecked that accumulates and leads into an avalanche heading for the company headquarter.

Adopt a story when writing your nurse cover letter

When we are told a story, we always tend to pay attention. The same goes for your nurse cover letter, hook them with a story and you will steal from them all their attention. We will reveal to you shortly, what we meant by a story styled cover letter.

Nursing cover letter examples

Dear Hannah,

I have seen the life of the incredible boy, John Hudson, someone who is fighting with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) with a spirit stronger than a boulder resting still on a mountain. He is the reason why I’m currently completing my Masters in Science and Nursing. I want to be a beacon for those who needs help in our society, so we could help them achieve a fuller, better life. Because that’s what true nurses do, they strive towards helping butterflies take back the sky from broken wings. 

I truly believe, when we care for one another, the world becomes a better place. And we all benefit together. When someone genuinely cares for the wellbeing of the patients, the facility KPI’s shoots for the stars. I’ve learnt and seen from the best, Mora, a senior nurse busy like a bee flying from one beautiful flower to another, to provide palliative care or curative care where needed. But despite the demanding shifts, she always had time for a kind word and smile to lighten up the day for patients and everyone around her.

I am a registered nurse with 2 years of practical experience, in addition, I am also a critical care technician and phlebotomy certified with the ability to:

  • Evaluate medical condition and perform diagnosis of up to 25 patients daily.
  • Assist with rotational shifts to provide round the clock care to patients.
  • Staying focused and performing responsibilities in high stress shifts.

I can bring to your facility the proven 5-star methods to raise your patient service scores because I have a contagious smile and care for the wellbeing of patients. If you’d allow me the opportunity to meet with you, I can show you, how I can be the light in the floor looking after patients with a degree of care that will leave them sending us postcard every Christmas, because in us they'd have found a new family member.

Kind regards,
Sherly T.

Nurse cover letter template feedback

This cover letter for nursing job is as good as one can ever get it. We’ll be lying to ourselves if we said this cover letter for nursing job is great. Because this isn’t great, it’s the pinnacle of greatness. The summit that rests on top of everything else, there is no higher ground from here.

This nurse application letter starts with a backdrop on why Sherly chose nursing job. So, there is a statement of passion from the first line, and if hiring managers love one thing, it’s a candidate that full of passion about her job.

This nursing cover letter template follows the time-tested structure of a great cover letter really well. It closes the cover letter with a pay-off line which excites and invites the recruiter to sit down with you over an interview.

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Win a nurse job interview with a brilliant Nurse Cover Letter
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