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Today we reveal how to ignite interest in your customer service cover letter. By the time you finish, a truly attention-grabbing cover letter will write itself for you. Here’s what you will uncover below:

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HR Managers don’t have time for cover letters! Why should I care?

Yes, we all were told, HR Managers don’t have time to read cover letters. But that’s different from saying, they do not read cover letters at all! What this essentially translates to, is a smart filter employed by HR Managers. And guess what? Average resumes will always get an average treatment by employers/HR Managers, which barely gets a few seconds worth of their attention. In fact, HR managers spends on average 6 seconds on a resume.

Basically, recruiters don't bother to consider the cover letter of an average resume. Ask yourself, if you’d go back to a restaurant where you had a pretty average experience? So why should recruiters care to read your cover letter, if they found your resume to be pretty average?

Now, enters a well written resume that catches the corner of their eye on first glimpse and eventually settles into the center of their attention. Now, Hannah, the HR Manager really liked what she read at the resume. And naturally she proceeds to peek into the cover letter, after all, this is a candidate that deserves all the attention. As you can see, they only got time for cover letters, when it’s paired with a really standout resume. A research by OfficeTeam found, 21% of HR executives/head hunters finds cover letter extremely valuable and 70% somewhat valuable, which together makes up 91% employers.

What are the ingredients of a brilliant cover letter?

Your customer service representative cover letter must pull their heartstring. Basically, you have to weave with words to write a story that presents them with a candidate who they can count on to deliver distinguished customer service experience. Your service repertoire must prove, you are with equal. You can breathe life into their brand with a new level of customer service excellence. It should portray your passion for customer service like you’re born with a smile, be a ball of energy year around and carry a passionate spirit to solve problems for your customers, like you’d do when your own kin have stepped into a trouble or two.  

Find HR Managers name

Always address hiring manager by name, it’s a massive efficacy issue, if you start with something like “To whom it may concern”. Guess what? Hannah, no longer wants to concern herself with your application. I mean you couldn’t bother to find who you are sending the mail to. It’s not like finding her name is inextricably complex, a quick google search would have done it.

It must be free from spelling mistakes

We cannot stress this enough. It is ultra-important to ensure your candidacy doesn’t get taken out by an unintended hitman, which also goes by the name of Mr. Misspelled Blunder. All these little things are given plenty of consideration by HR Managers, it shows you are someone who has their eyes glued to the little details. Because in business, it is little details that matters most. And being neat with writing, free from spelling disasters definitely scores a free cookie for you.

Write a story, be bold and inventive

The traditional cover letters are boring like stuck in a funk. It needs to be fresh, inspiring, inviting! It needs to pull them right into your arc. Once you have them in your orbit, you pique and play with their interests to further cement your candidacy.

Customer Service Cover Letter Examples

Dear Hannah, here’s why I could be your customer support champion.

As the saying goes, following a feeling always leads to wonderful places. Interestingly, that is how I am here today, following in the footsteps of my passion to your door. A person’s profession should not be forced; it should be an extension of the person that we are. Our passion permeates limitless energy by tapping into our inner river that never stops flowing. I tick all the boxes when it comes to championing the art of customer relations management. I see solving problems promptly as an opportunity to create smiles and with every smile it builds business brilliance, the holy grail of any business to excel excellence every day. Your multi-chain boutique drives a clear vision towards unrivalled personalized service which I would be proud to support and raise the services further.

PS, I have my own proven process that helps turn an outraged client into an outright brand ambassador. It’s the mindful presence that counts, that makes all the difference, instead of the mind that fails to feel the gravity of that customer’s anguish, all the aggrieved customer wants are just a pair of eyes that can see her problem and a mind that is concerned about solving it. I’ll let you in on my closely guarded secret. I call it the 4P principle, it is to always be infectiously passionate, patient, polite and to the point. The employment in my current and previous companies proves to that effect, raised reviews in TrustPilot and Google to 4.1 and 4.3 respectively.

I’d love to meet with you, so I can show you how these four words can placate any disgruntled customer and boost confidence to existing customers to transform the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) KPI’s.

Kind regards,
Phoebe A.

Customer service cover letter template feedback

This customer service manager cover letter starts with a great hook! It’s always advised to start strong, and to start like that, pulls all their attention into you. Right from the start it tells HR Manager why Phoebe could be the pick of the pile. And with that, you just hypnotized Hannah. Hannah just pinched herself to check if it’s a glitch in the matrix or you are indeed for real, because you’re too good to be true on paper; in her mind, you already got the job! She just needs to see your brilliance in real life and comes the call for an interview appointment.

And in the first paragraph she lets them into her inner sanctum of professional finesse. It paints a brilliant story of why she is not in it for the pay cheque but for the love of the work. In the second paragraph, she asserts herself further by speaking into her strength of turning an enraged customers into happy one. Because that is what separates a great customer service professional from the rest. It is always too easy to ride the tide when the day is easy! It is how you do it when the day gets stormy that reveals the true arc of your service strength.

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