Write a jaw dropping marketing cover letter that wins interviews 9/10 times

Today we let you in on the world of writing a killer marketing manager cover letter. As soon as you finish reading, your attention worthy marketing cover letter will start to write itself!

  • A checklist to score a home run with your sales cover letter
  • Marketing cover letter example written by certified professional resume writer
  • Expert feedback to show you where it went right

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HR Managers never reads cover letters? Or do they?

Let’s role play: if your resume is a car, then your cover letter is the test drive. If the car doesn't interest you, why would you bother taking it for a spin? The same goes for your cover letter. If your resume failed to fire any interest, why would the employer want to waste their time by opening the cover letter?

So, if you want your job application to shine like a diamond, start with a spectacular resume and they will have all the time in the world for your cover letter. Great sales cover letters paired with a great resume get read every time. Yes, we all know and got tired hearing average resumes are spent 6 seconds on average, but you’re not average, you’re miles ahead of the pack. You sit pretty at the top of the pile and employers lay red carpet to receive you at an interview. And just to sweeten the deal, an OfficeTeam research found, 91% of employers finds cover letter valuable.

Expert Tip

If you want your job application with an approval seal, you better pair your resume with a killer cover letter.

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Can you tell me the secret sauce for a killer marketing cover letter?

Yes, we absolutely can! That’s why we’re here to bring your gold-wrapped cover letter for your marketing job application. The sales manager cover letter must show your savvy marketing prowess, pique and play with their interest by writing into employer’s needs. You are a force of marketing finesse, so, prove that to them by writing like a mind reader, presenting them a complete package of the perfect candidate, in the shape of you, which they wish to have in their firm.

Get HR Manager’s name

"To whom it may concern," is probably the most impersonal, #1 most unoriginal way to start an email or letter. If you can't be bothered to find out the name of the person you're trying to reach, why should they want to bother reading your email? It's a simple matter of respect and common courtesy to address someone by name. Not to mention, it shows that you're resourceful and take the initiative to find out information. So please, for the sake of your job application (and your reputation), take the time to find out who you're addressing. It'll make all the difference in the world at your job application. Thank you in advance for listening to our advice.

Write your cover letter like a spelling bee champion

Even if you are the best candidate for the job, one typo on your marketing cover letter could be enough to eliminate you from contention. In today’s competitive job market, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. So, take the time to proofread your resume and cover letter multiple times before submitting them. It could be the difference between getting your foot through the door or staying out in the cold.

These little things go a long way in the world of business. Because in business, every little details matters. Just one mere spell misfire shows you don’t have your attention on the little things and that rings all sorts of alarm in the heads of HR Managers. And trust us, that’s one bell you never want to ring.

Write a storytelling cover letter

The cover letter for your marketing job must inspire interest, anything conventional and boring like a botched holiday is simply not going to cut it. You need to write it like a writer, weave a story to hook them right in. Because we all tend to love a good story.

Sales cover letter examples

Hi Hannah,

I've gotten you to open this cover letter, I've already done one thing right! Now, I’d like you to meet the future of your firm, with the doors opening into tomorrow, far and wide, you can see clear as day the successes that awaits. With windows allowing to tap into new revenue opportunities at the right time, courtesy to my clever window crafting skills, and keeping a lookout to leap into any opportunity that arises without moment’s notice during daily 9-5 dance and then working it into the night to close one more contract into the revenue tally!

You want someone with the ability to create windows of opportunity, backed by a rigorous salesmanship sharpened by today’s data driven analytics and employing time-tested business building skills by leveraging 5-star client engagement. You also want your team to pack together in a hunt like a hungry pack of wolves going for a new meal. In this new future, your firm sees success as the new norm, eating competition alive becomes a staple diet.

With the required growth deliverables based on the status quo of AGH Holdings, it strictly requires someone with a vision and the verve to raise together as a team to deliver these tall targets across multiple product pipeline in a highly evolving vertical market. The 9 years which I’ve spent in this industry has taught me one thing, to always push for new excellence, to never underestimate your competitors, so our company’s edge always stays sharp, a cut above the rest. These few accomoplishments will prove sufficient proof of my confidence to deliver the demands of this rewarding role:

  • Added 27% YOY revenue growth on plant based milk beverages to generate a total of 2.3 million dollars in a highly saturated market.
  • Signed and secured new exclusive dealership rights to the European market for our energy beverage product, which resulted in adding 730K revenue over 6 months.
  • Product placement with health and lifestyle influencers added a cumulative 4.8 million engagements which resulted in 147% boost in B2B orders from cafes and bistros. 

I’ll be happy to discuss this opportunity further with you and provide proof how I can bring top shelf results for your firm. My phone’s famished for your call.

Kind regards,
Margie S.

Sales manager cover letter feedback

Confident is the signature of this sales cover letter. And it ooze confidence like Mohammed Ali in his prime. Sharp as they ever come! A marketing maestro with a mark to her name. She highlights two things important to the recruiters/employers, understanding and implementing innovative client relations management and a deeper understanding of the world of online analytics. Now that’s a win in any marketing book!

She also highlights the need to always test and acquire new skills, so you can keep in check with the competition. That puts the cherry on top for the employers to enjoy, essentially putting you on top of the job application.

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Write a jaw dropping marketing cover letter that wins interviews 9/10 times
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