How to handle your job application outcome that banks you more money

There are two possible outcomes from a job application, either you get it or you don’t. And that is the topic of today, how you handle the two scenarios effectively.

  • What to do if your job application is declined.
  • What to do if you’re selected for a position.

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Steps you should take after an unsuccessful interview

It is never possible to get a green light from every company you apply to. So, if you have the right expectations, you’ll never be left with that unhappy feeling looming over your head for an entire week. Job market is very competitive, the fact that you’ve made it to the interview, that in itself is an amazing feat! When one door closes, another opens! That is the way of the universe. Your job application rejection might just be universe’s way of finding you something better.

So, treat this situation as a learning experience and one where you can build your network pool even further by adding her to your LinkedIn. Even if you were not hired, your charm and your manners will stay with the HR Manager long after you’ve said goodbye. And who knows, this connection might come super handy in the future!

Generally, most employer gets back to you with an email telling you the position has now been filled. But if in the rarest of case, they call you, that’s a sign they really liked you, but sadly for you, someone more qualified was in the pool, and naturally the job went to that candidate. Now this is where you can narrow down by finding out, what would have made you a much a better candidate. Ask them if there was there any particular set of skills or experiences, they were looking for, which would have made you a more desirable candidate. Now that intel would give you the area you need to work on your career.

Whether someone has called you or emailed you informing the job opening is now closed. That should always be met with a positive response. You must always respond graciously to an unsuccessful interview. The thank you letter after an unsuccessful interview must be polite, courteous and must pull at their heartstring, that wonderfully written email, will stay with them, long after you’re gone. With that, you’ve just turned a job rejection to your advantage.

sample rejection letter after interview

Dear Hannah,

Thank you so much for the opportunity. It has been wonderful getting to know Nova Prime so up close. Though I would relish the opportunity to work with you, but I understand, a company must be fitted with the most suited applicant. I wouldn’t want anything less either.

I will build on my skills and gather more robust experience and I hope I will prove myself as a worthy candidate, should such opportunity arise at your company in the future.

It’s wonderful to have your acquaintance. And I wish you all the best. Enjoy the rest of your lovely evening.

Kind regards,
Jonathan D.
Mobile 0101010101 | Email:

Steps you must consider before accepting any job offer

You’re nearly there! The job approval came knocking on your door. But before you sign and agree to everything, make sure you are being offered what you are worth. A lot depends on whether the salary discussion has already took place during the interview and both sides know each other’s expectations, clear as day. Or was the discussion rather open-ended? So, there’s room for salary negotiation from either side. You have to be mindful of the following pointers:

Let HR Manager carry the conversation

Let them lead, see where the discussion takes you. Let them reveal the final remuneration package. You ideally don’t want to be the first person to ask the question, “So what is my salary going to be?”.

Don’t rush, your response can wait

Remember, you don’t have to answer here and now. You can take your time, sleep on it and reflect. Consider against any the other job offerings you have received. Or if you are awaiting a decision from another better job, you’ve recently interviewed. Ask them if you can get back to them in a week. However, if they need the decision in 48 hours or less, now that’s a pretty calculated risk you have to take. If you say no, you run the risk of rejection from that better job you are waiting to hear from. So weigh your options and tread carefully in this moment.

You need more clarification

If you are not sure of anything, or need more clarification, this is the time to set all your expectations straight. So, there is no shock for either party down the line. If you want travel allowance, working from home arrangements during some days of the week, or any other perks that will help you perform at your peak, ask them if they are to be included. The art of asking for perks should never be too direct.

Instead of asking, “Can you include travel allowance in the remuneration package?”, ask instead, “I will have to take home work sometimes and also the salary that is being offered doesn’t accurately reflect what I will bring to the position, so travel allowance would bring a little bit of balance I believe.”

See, how you started with showing what you are going to be doing during the job, and it doesn’t even pose as a question, and that is the trick! It leaves the ball in their court; it provides you a great buffer to move the negotiation fulcrum to your favor. The question should take the longer route. Because if you ask too direct a question, their answer might be too direct as well, “I don’t think that’s possible, due to our budget.”

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How to handle your job application outcome that banks you more money
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