The damn good accounting Cover Letter

Hey knight of numbers, I know you are looking for a matching cover letter to go with your extraordinary career brilliance. And we’ve got just the thing today. Here’s what you’ll take with you:

  • Whether that accounting cover letter is relevant in today’s job market
  • A gold plated accounting cover letter example
  • Expert feedback on why it works

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The damn good accounting Cover Letter

So, you’ve seen that awesome accountant job opening.

Now you want to seize it with an iron fist.

But wait, hundreds others like you are after it too.

They all want it just as bad and just as passionate about the opportunity.

So how do you pursue them to take notice?

How do you pour passion into your job application?

That will leave employers going WOWs over you.

This one chance will score you major career points, and a plus sized pay rise!

It’s all hands on deck kind of a situation,

Now this is what all hands on deck looks like if you were to pitch yourself for the job.

One that drips gold from the edge at your cover letter.

Yes, a cover letter is the lethal weapon! If done right will obliterate all other applicants in the arena. Leaving you as a one wo/man standing to take the trophy home, that dream job with your name to it.

Now, that’s what we discuss today. Doing a damn good accounting cover letter for your job application that leaves the rest in rear view mirror as you race across the finish line.

But first thing first.

Who even reads cover letter these goddamn days?

I’m better off with my butt on the couch, a bag of Doritos, a bottle of beer and Netflix. Screw this cover letter for accountant job. Before you speed away with that train of thought, slowdown that train buddy.

Because here is what the main man, Johnny C. taylor, the president and CEO of had to say, the leading body of Human Resource and workplace compliance in United States. In his words, it is a wise investment to spend time at your resume and cover letter, as they aim to reinforce the singular message, why employers should hire you.

And if this mighty man’s word didn’t convince, how about a poll from thousands of companies in USA? Here is what the survey showed: 22% firms stated, they consider it a mistake when candidates leave out cover letter. It further showed 13% find cover letters crucially important to assess a job application and 28% finds them important. However, 9% finds them very unimportant.

Don’t get too excited with the outlier 9% and start self-validating your lazy-butt syndrome, “I knew it, nobody cares about cover letters these days!” Its only 9% of the companies that finds cover letter very unimportant for a job application. A combined 41% participants voiced they find it important. But bad news for you, you don’t have a crystal ball that will reveal which group the company falls under, whether they will root for a cover letter or not. So it’s time to get those ideas bouncing to craft that cover letter for accounting position.

Unless you got a crystal ball to read the minds of HR Managers, we suggest you submit a stellar cover letter for that accountant job.

 Accounting Cover Letter Example

Dear Hannah,

You’ll be hiring more than a senior accountant.

Most accountant see themselves as a night watch for financial compliance and general record keeping. This is where I rise above the rest. You see an average company has hundreds of process over many layers of departments. Sometimes they don’t even play well together, just two clunking hunk of junk dragging bottom-line down. I have a knack to find those sloppy performance hotbeds hidden under layers of numbers. I’ll find the inefficiencies you can’t see with your naked eyes.

Numbers works real magic in churning corporate profits. Once you have found an issue that is dragging performance down. You just have to work on a way to remove the inefficiency from the equation. And suddenly the compounding effect takes places. It is often not realising there is a problem or knowing there is one, but cannot connect a clear line to the cause.

What exactly can I bring to Edmond Corp?

Tracking cost with revenue drivers. Not all cost works the same way. Some are systemic, some are prone to external shocks, some are volatile, some are variable and few are fixed. It is how to infer insights from vast troves financial data to generate managerial efficiencies that helps companies create value for shareholders. During my tenure at First Constructions, I was able to demonstrate and pin point a major logistical inefficiency that was costing the company an extra $358K annually.

Commitment to on-point support to executives. No matter how demanding a report might be, you can consider it done by the due date. My employment at Park Hyatt Melbourne as a senior accountant, have led the management team to assign me the role of a senior cost compliant officer. I performed many financial models to pick out abnormal cost behaviours, which required me to create seasonal comparisons of certain cost drivers and how much it moves in relation to guest occupancy. We were able to pint-point three key cost accumulators, which was eating up company’s profitability.

  • Inefficient staff allocations at night shift
  • Food cost went up despite lower F&B revenue than previous quarter
  • A lax in policy was found which allowed staff to misuse F&B inventory; some were taking home liquors, which were assigned to a corporate program. Because sale was recorded and guest never finished the bottles, there's that loophole to treat those unfinished inventories at their whim.

Robust financial control and accounting compliance. You are as good as you put in. So ensuring sound ledger maintenance complemented by good accounts payable policies and timely receivable collections to maintain a very liquid business, in other words cash conversion cycle (CCC) being always healthy. I was able to reduce CCC from 17.2 days to 9.4 days at Park Hyatt by implementing improved policies in regards to cash collection and payable.

I believe my abovementioned attributes demonstrates I have the necessary skillset and the mindset that is required to manage this fast-paced, versatile work demanded by this position at Edmond Corp. It will be wonderful to meet with you and explain the financial forte I can bring for the management team.

Kind regards,

Thomas Z.

Senior accountant cover letter feedback

The above accounting cover letter will give you a great range of ideas on how to bring the ‘it’ factor at your accounts payable cover letter or bookkeeper cover letter. Saying this is a 5 star job application letter for accountant post is an understatement. Because he stands alone like a financial fortress with no competition in sight.

On the cover letter opening line, the candidate provides his USP aka unique selling point, he is far more than recording ledgers and those dead boring debits and credits. He is a performance lag doctor; he can find inefficiencies by using financial models and how cost drivers move in relation to revenue activities.

Then he builds in the middle paragraph by highlighting the foundations that are needed to perform this accounting job like he has no equal. Finally in the closing paragraph he goes ABC, always-be-closing as they say. He shows there is more the employer can learn about him, if he is given an interview opportunity.

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The damn good accounting Cover Letter
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