Steal their attention with a striking Software Engineer Cover Letter

You want to write a software engineer cover letter that wins you interviews 8/10 times! Let’s let you in on the world of persuasive writing to craft an interview winning cover letter for the Software Developer job you’re seeking. Here’s what you will take home today!

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You want to write a compelling software engineer cover letter, we hear? 

You wake up to another brand-new day. But this day is slightly different, a friend tells you if you saw Amazon looking to hire a software developer for their AWS services. And immediately, you spring to action with a new sense of purpose, to seize that opportunity with an iron fist.  Now of course, if you want to compete with the best, your resume and cover letter got to strike down like the mighty hammer of Thor, only yours is three times stronger!

Meeting those mountain tall expectations of top tech firms can be mighty daunting. So, here we are to make it easier for you. Let’s reveal how you can bring an edge to your job application with a strong software engineer cover letter.

Over 1300 actions words!

Power your cover letter with success verbs.


Do you need to write a cover letter?

Even today cover letters are essential. It’s the edge of a razor you need in your job application, and a cover letter gives you just that. Firstly, it provides proof that you took time to address the HR Manager, it shows you’re seriously invested and interested in the opening. Now if we are to provide some undisputed facts from real job market research, you will be pretty surprised how crucial a cover letter actually is to your job application. 48% of top tech firms require cover letters with the job application. The same research also found, 65% of super charged startups demands a cover letter.

Proofread is your best friend

There's nothing sadder than submitting a software developer cover letter with typos or grammatical errors. Not only does it make you look careless, or lacking details, you jeopardize your entire job application with this single blunder. So please take time when you write your resume and cover letter. So its spelled in perfection!

Boast your skills and permeate confidence

Don't be afraid to toot your own horn a little bit. Be confident and highlight your successes, but do so in a humble way. A touch of modesty goes a long way in making you seem like an ideal candidate for the job.

A software engineer cover letter example that beats the rest every single time!

Dear Hannah,

I’m famished for startups because they have an insatiable appetite for growth. And that’s where next gen codes get written. They are extremely experimental in their R&D phase to hunt for their Midas Touch. And you’d probably find none better than me, who experiments with everything from A to Z to find traction against the slippery slope until success is secured at the top of the summit. Because once there, that view, no price would come remotely close to its worth, when the rest looks up to you in wonder. From a disruptor, you eventually emerge as a market leader.

I can guarantee you one to one, the 90 billion neurons in my mind will fire in the direction of that summit, even in my dreams. I have coded websites that are soon to be a leader in their field using JAVA, Bootstrap, HTML etc. Completely built its backbone, though a bit shaky at the moment against category 5 storms, but I am working to turn it steel strong. I write codes for the future, so competitions are kept at bay. You can have a look into some of the sites and systems I have built:

  • Sample website url 1
  • Sample website url 2
  • Sample website url 3

I am not just a coder, I take into account the human factor when I write them, collaborated designing first class UX experience is also in my arsenal. So, you’re actually getting 2 for the price of one today, if you are buying that is! I’d relish the opportunity meet with you and show you the true scale of value I can bring to XYZ. Thank you so much for reading my application. Enjoy the rest of your lovely evening.

Kind regards,
Thomas Z.

Software engineer cover letter sample feedback

This cover letter starts with a bang! There is an explosion of emotions in the minds of HR Managers. It just taps into her inner interest that shows how passionate he is about the position. And it goes on to build the cover letter stronger with a mid-paragraph that reveals some of the spectacular work he has accomplished.

And in that closing paragraph, he shows he writes codes not for the machines but for the people, and factoring human experiences into his lines of codes to create a five star finished product that is a breeze to use.

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Steal their attention with a striking Software Engineer Cover Letter
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