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So, you want to write a powerful resume objective that picks and plays with recruiters’ interest? Well, you are at the right place! This topic will explore a resume objective’s place in the modern job market, when to use them and when not to! You will know the difference between a resume objective and a professional summary.

And finally, you will know the tricks and traps to avoid, to create a killer career objective for resume that holds recruiter’s interest like nectar holds a bee. 


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11 Resume Objective Examples

  • Receptionist resume objective
  • Call center resume objective
  • Customer service resume objective
  • Accountant resume objective
  • HR resume objective
  • IT resume objective
  • Medical assistant resume objective
  • Administrative assistant resume objective
  • Teacher resume objective
  • Mechanical engineer resume objective
  • Marketing internship resume objective

Stop writing your resume objective now! Read this guide first.

An average resume gets only 6 seconds! Keep this in mind, because this will come in super handy a little later. A resume objective serves as a resume intro. This is where you display all the golds you got in your vault! And employers love candidates who bring big bars of gold with them, by gold bars we meant business building skills!

A great resume introduction is what employers use to understand if your resume deserves further attention! This essentially tells them if you’re worth spending more time with. The difference between 6 and 60 seconds, is that killer resume introduction. That’s what gets them coming for you like a kid coming for a tub of ice cream. As you can see, you can’t afford an average resume objective! Because that only will ever give you at best, 6 seconds of their attention! You want 60, not 6!

Now it truly is nerve wrecking to put together a resume objective that fires in all cylinders. After all, you’re trying to tell them in fewer than four lines what makes you a top match for this job. See, that floating blue button up there or down here, depends on what screen you’re using, click on that, to slide straight to the formula to give you a 7-point cheat code that scores a brilliant resume objective.

What is a career objective for resume?

Is it resume objective or is it career objective? Let’s settle this first and then we’ll explore through its meaning, its purpose in the resume. Its more accurately called a ‘Career Objective’ statement. But it is casually interchanged with resume objective by many, just like how these days, the word phone and mobile are used interchangeably, meant to convey the same meaning. But however, dictionary and common sense says otherwise! The meaning of career objective as the name implies is essentially to make a statement of your objective on what you want to achieve on your professional career.

But be warned that’s the meaning that was prevalent in the by-gone era. The modern meaning should reflect the ultra-competitive nature of the job market. It should carry the essence of employer focused resume writing, as oppose to the writing that were self-serving. It should reflect what you can bring to the company, as oppose what the company can bring to you.

Is career objective for resume outdated?

The way it was used back in the day holds little value in today’s information driven competitive society. If used in a smart and articulate manner it can be the Poseidon’s trident! Now your resume should be in complete command to kill any last doubt in recruiters’ mind. A career objective serves as your resume introduction. So, if written words flow freely like a finely aged wine, your career objective section of resume is going to have the HR manager in a complete hypnosis. Now if the rest of the resume is written with a similar caliber, you can bet you’re getting 6 on your dice six times in a row! In other word, that interview call will power through the network towers to get to you.

The pitfalls of dated career objective are pretty dire, because it was very self-serving back in the days, which in today’s ever competitive job-market is practically worthless. It’s all about what you can deliver to the company, not the other way around. History always serves as a great lesson, so let’s take you back to the 90’s to show you the trap you should avoid like an oncoming train. Here’s some poison pills that holds no value on your career objective, nothing kills your candidacy faster than one of these suicidal resume intros:

  • A sales professional seeking to strengthen my marketing skill with a desired role. Very knowledgeable, focused and capable of managing marketing account campaigns.
  • Looking for a job to advance my restaurant management career. I am enthusiastic, energetic and committed to bring best service to guests.
  • Looking for a position with an opportunity for growth in the apparel design industry. I am a brilliant design student with extensive portfolios.
  • My objective is to become successful in the logistics industry by providing unparalleled customer service.

Now if you want to see how these dead resume intros looks when they rise like Phoenix, explore our brilliantly written career objective examples submitted by certified professional resume writers by clicking the hot button for quick access or scrolling below.

The contrast between career objective and professional summary

Should you use a resume objective or a resume profile? That's what we begin to explore in this section. A resume profile or professional summary tells a short story about all your career highlights. A resume summary showcases what you have achieved throughout your career and essentially narrates a story of the value you will bring to the recruiter, it’s like showing what you hold in your bank to deliver the rich dividends that they will enjoy hiring you, and in the process painting a picture proving you have the mind for the job. With all that said, you can see why professional summary are mostly used by experienced professionals.

Now it is this part that you take ever so slightly and fuse it with the career objective, thus giving you a modern version of an outdated one. To delicately put, it is how you want to advance in your chosen career and intend to bring value to your employer. In laymen terms, it’s what you’re looking for and what you can offer.

We have plenty of premium professional summary samples, counting more than 20 to date and adding more over time. Please see this topic being explored with greater breadth and scope.

Who uses a career objective in a resume?

A career objective is mostly used by people with few or no experience in the field. Let’s find who they are and then we will proceed to why they use it.

  • Someone intending to switch their career and holds little direct exposure into the industry.
  • A graduate student entering the job market in their chosen profession.
  • Someone very interested in joining a particular company.

So why do some people use career objective?

Mostly it’s used by the first two group of people. Because they lack relevant professional experience, it provides another avenue to summarize their career features focusing on the value they would bring through their lateral talent, their soft skills with an unmatched can-do attitude and aptitude to pair with. To put another way, it states your skills, your experience and why you’re applying to a particular position with a company.

The secret seven-step formula for a job winning resume objective

Your resume objective must include these things in a cohesive punchy pitch that hits with pin-point accuracy. We will explore a couple of these points in more details as we dive below.

  • Your resume objective must mention the company’s name for the grand effect to take place.
  • Permeates your passion to join a company and express a sincere desire to excel in its daily duties to achieve organizational excellence.
  • Must mention any measurable results that shows your success for the task. Numbers in your resume sits like king on his throne, absolutely calling for command to kill any last doubts in recruiter’s mind. In a world of words, the rare numbers reign supreme!
  • Did you achieve any awards or recognition, achieved extraordinary feats by improving business process that led to improving revenue or optimizing costs? They are the rarest caret of gemstone in your resume, so you put them on grand display for them to witness!
  • If you’re a student looking for an internship, leave out non-relevant work experience from the resume, talk about any extraordinary academic feats that is relevant to the job you are targeting. Scroll down to mechanical engineer and IT resume objective examples below to see what we are talking about in action.
  • If you’re using job-board to apply to a job, you must use keywords from the job description to pass the ATS filter.
  • Write your resume like a Nike Ad, especially your resume introduction.

The purpose is to hold their attention like cotton-candy catches a kid 

A career objective and a professional profile though used by people who sit at the opposite spectrum of experience but serves to achieve the same thing, to consolidate your stock of skills to create a value statement right at the top for the recruiting manager: if written right, you will be the David Copperfield in the space of resume writing, concocting a story so powerful, they will serve as chemical cocktails for the mind, triggering all sorts of feel-good floodgates in the recruiter’s mind, they cannot believe their eyes and a few hiring manager even pinch themselves back to reality. Their mind is already made at the top, that you are the 1!

But their defense kicks in and decides to test if you really come with a killer can-do package! And the rest of your resume as they come to read only convinces them ever more that you are the one for the job. And that is precisely what a compelling resume objective does, it impels the recruiter to read your resume with attention and after a few formality, your name is promoted to the interview short list! And you know what that means! Bingo! Inviting you to an interview.

Resume objective for internship

An internship resume objective precisely pitches you to demonstrate the value you will bring to the position with an energy to match with, your words should bring this lifeless paper alive, your resume should be teeming with your energy and commitment. You want to portray as a blank canvas waiting to be the next Mona Lisa in the making.

Looking to write your resume for internship that reads a like Nike Ad? Let’s show you how to make a resume with no experience that drops jaws. Arming you with the arsenal you need to bring the firepower at your resume. Please proceed to our page detailing a proven formula that tells you in steps as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, on how to write a brilliant resume that gets you an internship of your choosing!

Let’s write a compelling career objective 

By the time you finish your cup of coffee, you will be armed with the ammo to fire one right in the bull’s eye to create a killer career objective. But before you go all tactical to claim the kill, there are few technical points worth keeping in mind, so you can catch the most prized tuna from the ocean, in other words, to make your way to the best objective for resume taking up the prime real estate in your resume, right at the top! Before you write your very own resume headline, it’s good to see what’s out there. We’ll now cover some of the best career objective examples, cherry picked by our in-house team. These resume objective statement span across different industries, so you can see how different professions carry it differently. After reading them, you will fire your very own in no time! We’re elaborating the aforementioned 7-step formula to help you hone in.

Using keywords from job description

If the job application you are submitting is using a job board, you must use buzzwords or keywords from the job description and employ them in your resume objective statement and also the rest of your resume, making sure they are not forced and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, they have to feel like a flower in a garden, truly where they are meant to be. The reason to use them is because of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a smart AI, which essentially sorts through thousands of applications, to filter the stellar ones from the stale ones. And as you can now see where this is going, the ATS only sends the filtered resume to the attention of HR Manager. So, what good would your resume do, if it doesn’t even reach the inbox of the HR manager, utterly failing to pass over the barrier set by the ATS. You have to be seen by an actual human being and these keywords are your ticket to leapfrog into the next stage of selection, which is to have a human eye screen your resume.

Transform your objective for resume into a sales statement

You have to see your resume as a marketing document, it’s time to write a resume objective that reads like a Nike million-dollar ad. Because that is all it does, convinces the recruiter, your professional flair and finesse have the fire power to deliver the demands of this position. So, you have to be a marketing maven for a day to marvel your way to the top of the pack. And that is what a well-made resume objective does, it captures what you intend to bring to the company and showcase your professional persona to demonstrate you stand without equal. With the traps you now know to avoid and some of the best resume objective samples presented before you, your objective for resume should show a sales-pitch that sells you as the number #1 match for this job.

Expert written resume objective examples

Finally, the money in the bank! This is what you are here to see, so let’s give you the top resume objective samples we’ve got. Our attempt will aim to cover a vast range of industries to give you a good base to fire from. We will provide a mix of internship resume objective examples (for students or freshers with little to no experience) and general resume objective examples (people with some professional experience).

Receptionist resume objective

Excellent in organizing office tasks with meticulous attention to prioritize duties as needed. Advanced knowledge in MS Suite to perform data organizing and reporting. On average serviced 47 chats and 65 calls in a four-hour shift with 100% success rate. Pleasant phone voice with exceptional client management skills, rated 4.7/5 by clients using post-service surveys. To achieve and excel at a receptionist position with ABC Associates to bring brilliance in office operations and client management.

Expert feedback: Despite you’ve never worked a day as a receptionist at a law farm, you clearly meet the prerequisites to excel at the position with flying colors, that’s what this career objective for receptionist captures. You understand pleasant phone manners and voice is extremely important in this industry, that alone will turn the green light in every street, giving you a free uninterrupted pass to the final destination, a job of your choosing. Its vitally important to mention the company’s name in a career objective, because it delivers your ambition to join and excel at ABC associates on a gold-plated envelop. So, each time you apply to a new job, it has to be replaced with the company’s name where you are applying to. You don’t want to send your resume to google while your career objective screams for joining Apple.

Call center resume objective

Performed restaurant operations at a new Thai eatery with 40 seats and our team achieved 4.3/5 on TripAdvisor with superior customer service. Won 2 customer service award from XYE, an outdoor product retailer. Consistently provided 5-star customer satisfaction both in person and over the phone. Eager to join ABC in their call-center operations to achieve and exceed customer satisfaction targets.

Expert feedback: For someone new looking to sneak into a professional call center job, this is daylight robbery! You are not giving anyone else a fair chance. These lines are like hypnosis to the ears of recruiters. You want your current skills and expertise to be sculpted vividly like Michelangelo’s ‘creation of Adam’ coming to life and lord almighty you did, carved this to perfection. A resume objective for call center cannot come any better.

Customer service resume objective

A smile ambassador with 2 years’ experience at a busy restaurant with 4 employee of the month award to the tally for delivering superior customer service. Very process driven with excellent record keeping with zero error rate during 137 shifts spread across a year. Looking to utilize my unmatched drive to deliver excellence in everyday interactions to the eminent customers of XYE.

Expert feedback: This was written with someone in mind who has no experience at managing a boutique retail store like XYE. As you can see, this not only shows what skills you have in your arsenal, it offers recruiter a private invitation into your mind and its motivations. It delivers an absolute fireball of burning passion you carry within you. For an entry level objective for resume, this truly delivers brilliance. It’s completely written with recruiters in mind, completely covering your customer service resume objective with modern flair. It also offers your genuine interest in joining XYE and how you’d exceed excellence in everyday activities, however small they maybe.

Accountant resume objective

Soon to be CPA accredited with 2+ years of experience managing an IT store with monthly revenue of $110000. Managed daily cash register reconciliations, in charge of ledger records for revenue, inventory and accounts payable. Highly versatile Excel skills and XERO certified with advanced operability. 9700 KPH score registered for numerical with 100% accuracy. Seeking an accounting position at ABC to leverage my knowledge to effect growth and optimize financial performance.

Expert feedback: For someone seeking a first-time accounting job, this accounting career objective has everything a HR manager wants in their star candidate. Because after all, you have the SAAS knowledge on specialized accounting software and soon to get your CPA accreditation. You are the gem in the pack! Just make sure the rest of your resume confirms the confidence you have shown at your resume headline.

HR resume objective

Soon to complete a major in Human Resource. Hold 2+ years of office management experience with planning and coordinating corporate programs and recording data at 11270 KPH with 100% accuracy. Provided support to HR operations by creating rosters for part time shifts and keeping work records 100% up-to-date. Well versed in keeping office administration organized and excelling at HR functions. Looking to drive human excellence as a HR Assistant to achieve organizational goals for ABC.

Expert feedback: We are proud to present this human resource resume objective sample, this is a union of perfection and precision working together to win you the position at ABC. Writing a HR resume objective is like singing to Shakira. You better catch a tune that shakes Shakira’s hips for years to come or she ain’t shaking it. For someone seeking an entry level HR administration position, this serves your skills on a gold platter! Junior HR positions often have to store a vast trove of data and that means typing at lightning quick speed and you have covered that to the moon and back. It also shows you have the knowledge on HR operations and a cherry on top because you have office management skills. These days, Human Resource and office administration often goes hand in hand.

If you want to improve your type speed, you can do so here:

IT resume objective

A young IT aspirant with a BS degree in Computer Systems, 80+ score in Security Testing and Network Computing Storage. Looking to secure an internship at Andromeda Server Solutions to always keep systems at optimal running performance round the clock. Determined to achieve technical support performance targets by rendering first class client support with Level 1 or Level 2 support specialists. Possess critical analyses to find out source problems or apply steps of standard troubleshooting to decisively arrive at one and promptly synthesize suitable solutions.

Expert feedback: No experience? No problem! Your internship resume objective can still come out with a razor-sharp edge. This one is on a first-class flight with a landing permission to the heart of the recruiter. Since you have not achieved a GPA of 3 or beyond, you decided to leave it out, but you cleverly picked two units most relevant to your employer’s daily operations where you scored a brilliant mark. The goal was to paint a picture of what you could become, to show them you are burning bright with passion for this profession. And that’s exactly what this resume objective did, it paints you like Da Vinci himself came back for a day to paint you across your resume headline, only he did it with words this time. It also shows you already know the industry inside code, you know there are different technical support teams, Level 1, 2 and 3. And how they function, if Level 1 cannot solve a problem, they escalate to Level 2 tier. Where there are systems, there will be fault! And it is how quickly the system is recovered under your care is what makes you an immortal in this industry. And your resume reads like God himself revealed the secret code of success to power server systems to you. Because your resume speaks loud about the value of standard troubleshooting steps to pin-point source problem and to promptly provide solutions. This information technology resume objective scores a full 10!

You might also be interested in reading our comprehensive guide on how to write an internship resume. Because there’s a completely different lens through which recruiters views an internship resume. So, you have to make sure your resume if held, under a microscope, it wouldn’t show any signs of tear. Up close or from a distance, your resume should feel like a majestic mountain, confidently standing tall among the rest of resumes vying for the same job.

Medical assistant resume objective

A Medical Assistant rendering passionate patient care for 2+ years, specializing psychosis care to geriatric patients at a care facility with 80+ bed. CMHT certified professional providing caregiving to 20+ patients per day by assisting nurse and physicians with additional support. Excellent in keeping office operations organized and maintained logs of daily activity with 0% error for compliance assurance. Seeking an administrative position at Sacred Cross Old Home to achieve performance target by applying advanced patient management and office operations.

Expert feedback: This is literally running away with a bank vault, only no one’s chasing you. God, it’s a good one, a spectacular medical assistant career objective for someone with little experience. You worked it like a cup of instant noodles, serving a smile to a sad tummy without fail every time. It creates a splash of brilliance by not only showing you are adept with desk-operations, you also have your hands full with advanced patient care. You just have to make sure the rest of your resume reads like a killer ad, for you to score that call.

Administrative assistant resume objective

Resourceful administrative assistant seeking a dynamic clerical position at Air Real Estate. 1.5 years of experience at a busy medical diagnostic center. Handling over 50+ calls and preparing 20+ patient for check-in into the facility every shift. Performing billing functions, record keeping and keeping office operations organized. Advanced Office Suite skills with excellent type speed of 65 WPM with 100% accuracy. Pleasant phone manner with polite voice to provide exceptional customer service on the phone or in person.

Expert feedback: Finding inspiration to write a resume objective for an administrative assistant job? I guess your search comes to full stop here! Because this example comes like a hummingbird who found her eternal supply of nectar. To a HR Manager, nothing sounds sweeter! Though, you might not have the experience of managing office operations at a Real Estate corporate headquarter, you certainly come as can-do package like no other who can pick up quicker than finishing a stick of Kit-Kat. She can see you type at F1 speed with zero crash to show for. Excellent at keeping office organized in a very busy environment, that is dopamine for the HR Manager. Basically, your resume headline has blown the rest of the resumes out of the water and the entire ocean is now to yourself and in this vast ocean the HR Manager has now only you in sight! And you know what that means? An invitation to the interview room!

Teacher resume objective

A senior childcare practitioner bringing 20+ years of advanced children’s care experience. In charge of daycare facility for 300+ children building effective care program and learning routines for children. Invented 4 specialized childcare method that were recognized and implemented in 13 childcare facilities statewide. Seeking a position at St. Marry Kindergarten to build a better learning routine that achieves highest creative excellence.

Expert feedback: For someone looking to change their career with an extensive experience, this is as grand an entry as it can be given. A beaming resume headline for teacher that scores all the right points in the right places. It clearly outlines the sharp set of skillsets you have in you and a clear vision to achieve a distinct outcome for the employer. Showing clearly your skills are very well matched and can be applied and adapted to the direction you want to take in your career, in other words, at the employers’ institution.

Mechanical engineer resume objective

Dynamic engineering graduate specializing in energy conservation and renewable energy, scored 83 in Systems modelling and design. Excellent with complex simulation model and improving algorithms to solve engineering challenges. Acquired practical skills at previous internship experience at Future Energy in a $37 million public projects installation, providing low carbon solution to metro areas. Looking to achieve performance targets at ITC and forge a greener future with utmost determination.

Expert feedback: They don’t want to be charged with a criminal offense by not calling you for an interview. It shows what a perfect resume objective for a mechanical engineer could look like, it’s like if Nicola Tesla ever used an engineering resume objective in his mid-20’s, this would fit the bill. Just to pay our due respect, we have our doubts, a mind of his brilliance would ever need a resume, the name alone would sell him to the highest paying job on the planet. For a mechanical intern looking to score first paid job, this career objective comes like no other. You’re smart to leave out your GPA from your resume, since it’s under 3. But kudos on cleverly taking a unit from your academic course that is most relevant to your employer and demonstrating you acquired high distinction. If ITC doesn’t offer you a paid job, and instead offers you an internship which would then progress to a paid job upon successful review, we say you take it in a heartbeat. In few professions, the hurdles are a bit harder, but once you overcome, the rewards are ever sweeter.

Marketing internship resume objective

A wizard of words with a knack to crack the viral code! The golden goose for an ad agency in today’s attention driven society. Was put in charge of a community fundraiser event, donation topped 130%; created a viral post reaching over 7000 organic likes. During my academia researched over 800+ landing pages with its crafty click triggers. Looking to secure an internship marketing position to deliver semi-success on a silver platter at ABC, a top-tier ad agency.

Expert feedback: If there was ever a resume objective for internship award, this would have won all category leaving the rest looking up to you. For a marketing intern, this is as good as it gets. It shows a lot of heart and a bit of personality, because let’s face it, that’s where the wild ad ideas come from. You just have to be a bit eccentric, like Einstein was! You cannot read between the lines by having one perspective, you need to have plenty. Also, take notice, how its humble, you are using semi-success, because well, you are a beginner, you don’t want to come off with bragging rights, that comes when you turn into the musk of marketing, Elon musk that is!

Answering the Frequently Asked Questions about Resume Objective

We understand some of you might have a few questions, we’ll try to cover them here. But in the case if we fail to get it covered, you can leave a comment below and we will response one right back to you!

How long should my resume objective be?

It is incredibly difficult to summarize your entire professional life in a few lines, it’s like asking someone to finish a meal in 10 second. Though as impossible as it may seem, you have to strive to close it under 65 words. At the most you can stretch it to 90 words. Too long means you don’t know what’s important and just throwing everything out there, hoping something will stick.

And please remember, we stated categorically at the beginning, you have to tune your resume objective to the tone of a resume summary, but the distinct difference, it emphasizes on the interest to join a job and specifically states the company’s name on the resume objective. Please refer to the secret formula section above.

Should I have to worry about keywords if I am just sending out my resume without a vacancy listing offered by the company?

If you are prospecting for a job by sending your resume across to HR email addresses of various companies, adding keywords doesn’t come with same bit of importance, but certainly it would pay you well if you still include keywords from a similar job description which you can find from a job market website. Because these keywords are like dopamine in the minds of recruiter. The moment when their mind sees one, their neuron fires all kinds firecrackers in the brain.

Can I use a resume summary instead of resume objective?

It is quite ok to do so! In fact, career summary or professional summary is more widely recognized in modern days. Just apply the formula aforementioned, find your finesse and affix it at the top of your resume. But we recommend to title it “resume summary” if you are a graduate with no experience and if you are professional with few years of experience but looking to change your career direction, you should name it “professional summary”. Even though contextually they mean the same thing, it just doesn’t provide good optics for a young beginner and already using the term professional summary, it just comes off as too pompous, you need some years of professional experience before you have some merit to show for and then this title “professional summary” would sit in the right optic.

Can I use a friend to write my resume objective?

Ohh absolutely! It’s a brilliant idea to find a friend who is a wonderful writer to help you create a career objective in a few lines that truly captures your best professional features that is tailored to the job you are applying. But show them our secret 7-step formula mentioned above, so they can hone in like bee’s coming in for the nectar.

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