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Success verbs for a successful resume

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31 Pages

This no-nonsense action verb eBook focuses on the most important aspects of resume – the resume bullet points, making up 80% of a resume.


1300+ Action Words

Giving your resume the writing firepower with 1300+ list of action verbs that is carefully curated to write better resume bullet points.


20 career situations

Bigger is better when it comes to resume power words. We cover 20 career specific situations where you could use different range of resume verbs.


This action words are too hot for HR Managers. Handle with care.


Write bullet points with bullseye accuracy

Bullet points takes up 80% of your resume. You want to build better action sentences that holds their attention hostage. This book has the formula to give you just that! To hand you a resume that robs all their attention.


The 10-carat resume

Find diamond encrusted achievements from your career using a pre-built questionnaire template designed for any professions. So you can write strong resume bullet points.


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