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Today we cover the last stepping stone to cement your unrivaled candidacy. This guide takes a detailed look into the “post interview” step you should take to cement your candidacy. You will learn:

  • When to send a thank you email after interview, and how to write one!
  • How to write a follow up email after interview.

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You went through that interview round! Hopefully hiring manager rallying behind you! Now don’t stress too much on how it went. Instead surround yourself with positive reinforcement! Think of yourself as the 1 in 1-000. Universe has a way of blessing those with wonders, who knows how to keep themselves immersed in positive thoughts. Focus on how you can make your candidacy better!

Now, you’re probably scratching your head! I have already done my interview; how can I make my job application any better? Well, most waits for employers to email them back. But don’t go down that road! It’s a dead end for many, for one, it doesn’t show good manners! Etiquette, politeness and sincerity are some of the highest standards respected the world around in professional setting. Now as you can relate, that thank you letter for interview does the trick! You’re expressing gratitude for their time and sharing more information about the role with you, but most importantly asserting one last time with a very punchy pitch, why you deserve this position without being too pushy! So, how do you do that? Let's reveal shall we?

Write a wow level ‘thank you email after interview’

The job interview makes to measure your manners, your mental attitude, focus and how well you see your skills fit with the job requirements. And it is the very first part, your manners! That’s what gives away with this interview thank you email. It shows how you will treat your colleagues and customers.

When all those top 5 candidates have similar levels of technical skillset, the edge of your candidacy comes from articulate responses and better manners, which indicates you have a high EQ! A very important measure for successful leaders.

You must send it sharp within 24 hours of the interview! Leaving it for later completely defeats the purpose! It’s a bit like your Christmas tree coming in the middle of January.

Addressing hiring manager by name

Do you have the hiring manger’s name? If you forgot, find his/her name! You are practically killing your application, if, in this last stage you start with “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To whom it may concern”. Your time is so ever important, that you couldn’t care to find their name! When we hear our name, it instantly tends to form a connection, pulls us into the conversation. And please, spell their name correctly! Like your life depends on it.

Proofread like it’s the ten commandments

Spectacular spelling crash will cut your chance of securing the job! Every mistake is multiplied a hundred times over in their head, if you have done it here. It means you will do it with your customers, with other colleagues! It’s always the little things that always matters but slips our attention. So, stay on your top guard! Say no to spelling mistakes. Double, triple check it.

Were there any special moments during the interview?

If there were a few moments during the interview, where the recruiters politely smiled or made a positive remark towards any accomplishments or any career feature of yours. That’s a cue to blend that into your thank you email. It’s a story that always sells!

Follow their instructions

If they informed during the job interview or in the job ad, to email with them for any job-related communications with a specific subject. Don’t deviate! Wouldn’t do you well if you try to get creative. Instead, you will be pressing all the wrong buttons in their head. You couldn’t even follow a simple instruction given to you!

Using your email address

We’ve hooked 5 email accounts in our iPhone, or maybe more in your case. So please, be careful which you are sending it from. If you accidentally send it from, that’s like pressing the nuclear button. Be attentive, send it from the same email address which you have been using from the beginning to communicate with them or the one you have used to send your job application. We hope it reads something like, or something professional.

Please remove that annoying line “Sent from my iPhone”. Yes, we know you have the latest iPhone, it indicates a degree of superiority. Like you couldn’t care to go to your computer to write an email, since you are doing professional communications. Mobile keyboards are often prone to error, their auto-corrections are sometimes so horrendous, surely Siri was having a brain hemorrhage.

Thank you email after interview example

Dear Hannah,

I hope this letter finds you well on this autumn Tuesday morning. It was a pleasure to have your acquaintance, I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet with you and getting to learn more about this role. In fact, I’ve never left with such gushing excitement after leaving an interview.  Every hour I only see myself more involved with the granular details and making this brilliant marketing team achieve new marvel.

With the discussed growth deliverables, it strictly requires someone with a vision and the verve to raise together as a team to deliver these tall targets. The 7 years which I’ve spent in this industry has taught me one thing, to always push for new excellence, to never underestimate your competitors, so our company’s edge always stays sharp, a cut above the rest. I’m confident to deliver the demands of this rewarding role.

I’ll be happy to discuss this opportunity further with you. Please contact me anytime should you need any additional information. Thank you for your time yesterday and now.

Kind regards,
Jonathan D.
Mobile 0101010101 | Email:

Interview thank you email subject

Now, you must wow them with your email, especially your subject. The subject for thank you email must be enticing enough to make them want to open it, it’s a bit like a kid who is having a semi heart attack out of sheer excitement tearing through those glossy gift paper wraps to see what’s inside. It’s the excitement of something interesting, that makes them open your email. So, to create that excitement, you need a very persuasive email subject.

Cheeky email subject examples

Use these for creative job positions such as copywriter, graphics designer, UX designer, programmer etc! You can experiment on your own, this sort of email subject always pulls recruiters right in!

  1. Hannah look, it’s a match!
  2. Me and your exciting office are in love, hope it's not a policy violation.
  3. Your funtastic firm needs fantastic results!
  4. Look here Hannah, a splash of brilliance. (Only for confident candidates! Requires a lot of results in the resume to match with this punchy pack of an intro)

Professional email subject examples

You need an email subject that you can’t help but click, we like to call them finger trigger. We are handing down AIDA powered marketing methods to get you writing a click frenzy email subject. A research by OptinMonster found, 33% of people open emails based on subject line alone! It’s a great trick to include the hiring manger’s name on the subject line. Nothing works better! It is hands down #1 killer idea for an attention grabbing subject headline.

  1. It was wonderful to meet with you Hannah and learn more about this role.
  2. Thank you so much Hannah for yesterday!
  3. Very excited about this rewarding role! Thanks Hannah.
  4. Thank you Hannah for this wonderful opportunity.

How to write a follow up email after interview.

Now, it is important to find out when they are likely to finalize their hiring decision. So, you have to step it up by asking somewhere at the end of the interview “What will be the next step in your hiring process?”. This will give you a measure of time. If the hiring manager informs you, a decision is most likely to be made in 1 weeks’ time. Do not contact them before this time frame, apart from the thank you letter.

During interview it is best to demonstrate measured enthusiasm, not too excited like a prancy puppy! You could be super interested in the job and might get anxious about the outcome and want to convince them one more time if you could. Well, listen from a pro, don’t! Because if you do, it will likely show you’re too pushy and didn’t listen to their instructions properly. So, every step you take must respect their recruitment process.

Write a truly punchy thank you note for interview, the hook is already onto Hannah, now it’s only a waiting game. Okay, 1 week will pass today since the interview, so it is time to act follow up with an email.

Sample follow up email after interview

Dear Hannah,

I hope the past one week has been pleasant for you. Well, here I am again, in your pretty busy inbox. I’m just looking to find out if you’ve made a decision regarding the position 31759 – Assistant Marketing Manager. If you haven’t, would it be possible to let me know when you are likely to make a final call? I’m very excited as I write to you.

Thank you so much! And please ask anytime, if I could assist you with further information regarding my qualifications. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,
Jonathan D.
Mobile 0101010101 | Email:

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